Tweets Note Book #5

Note Book #5:

Lawrence O'Donnell and his "yes men" say a flawless answer by Jeb! on USA/Russia policy was "inane" simply because they could get away with it because there is no cross examination on MSNBC.

Index of Note Book #5:


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  • Will Mrs Billy#Clinton “speak truth to power”as #Jeb_Bush did and call the Russian regime “corrupt”? Her husband received $500k from #Putin.

  1. For one thing it will be easier to teach.Counselor:How so?---Bush I,Gulf War I;Bush II, Gulf War II;Bush III,Gulf War III,see?Counselor:....

  2. Destroying Isis would demonstrate not just to Netanyahu but to the “tribes with flags” who want the bomb that we are committed to ME peace.

  3. “There you stand with your piece of paper and here I stand with my bayonet--- who do you think will prevail?” --- Adolf Hitler  Be ready.

  4. For years you allowed Iran to go after the bomb&did not strike even when they came within months do you blame Netanyahu for being skeptical?

  5. Cries of “Obama is demonizing Republicans” & yet what follows? “He is cutting the throats of the people of Iran.” Who is demonizing whom?

  6. “Nothing in it for America.” When we didn’t know how advanced they were you didn’t follow my advice & attack, now you do know & won’t sign.

  7. Can you imagine Great Britain declining to enter into a naval treaty with Imperial Germany because Germany might not“change?”Absurd.Childish

  8. This is the advantage the committee-man has over an executive, can be an empty suit, simply reject the , offer nothing.

  9. does not want war,does not want the either,knows the Allies will break up,that the sanctions are finished, he has nothing

  10. endorsed the Allies’ position but now that the has been achieved complains 10-15 years in not long enough.

  11. When we had armies in Afghanistan & Iraq said nothing, now that we can set back 10 to 15 years his “soul” will not allow it.

  12. ’s “soul searching” is preposterous. Only the provides a stream of intelligence,98% stockpile reduction, inspections,etc.

  13. This is the essence of the ,the Allies give up the sanctions gives up bomb development per agreement;he who says a must say b

  14. reminds one of the monkey trap, the monkey can’t let go of the food so it’s hand is trapped inside the coconut, she can’t let go.

  15. objects to return of frozen funds yet again this is the , they stop development & the Allies give back funds, a given

  16. The Allied coalition did not come together because of Iran’s anti-Semitism, terrorism, shaped charges for Iraqi militants, it was the bomb.

  17. Again, if this deal sets off ME arms race how much more so without this 10 to 15 year breathing space? Critics should begin 2nd round talks.

  18. Sec. Kerry explained that the estimate of “months” for the Iranian bomb was for the time to make the uranium not the rest of the mechanism.

  19. The deal&war:President’s deal does not eliminate the possibility of war for Iran may cheat & try to breakout, Israel would have to trust us.

  20. I wrote to the President ( )to explain how best to persuade Conservative Republicans but he picks a fight over GW II.

  21. Will President take ownership of Saddam Hussein still in power? Paid terrorists attacks on Israel, involvement  in WTC attacks, rape rooms?

  22. I don’t see why the President brought up Gulf War II, if the late Christopher Hitchens were alive he would not let him get away with that.

  23. Moynihan recalling Orwell:  “If fascism ever comes to America it will come in the form of a billionaire preaching the Sermon on the Mount.”

  24. The problem with telling Netanyahu "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" is that he is unwilling to leave fate of Israel in our hands.

  25. Obama did not say his ‘deal or war’ he explained futility of unilateral sanctions, how failure of deal would irretrievably destroy coalition

  26. G.K. Chesterton said the politician who claims his wealth means he “cannot be bought” fails to perceive that he has already been bought.

  27. Everything is connected to everything else, destroying Isis would demonstrate our willing  participation in the ME.

  28. Iran’s assets were frozen because of the nuclear development, of course they are now unfrozen,if you want new sanctions say so, stop yapping

  29. How is the “nuclear arms race in the ME” increased by delaying Iran by 10 or 15 years, when without the Agreement Iran was months away?

  30. With 25 years negotiating deals I am familiar with how easy it is to second guess,  but here there will be real costs in second guessing.

  31. Don’t just say it is a bad deal, you can call the German Chancellor the British Prime Minister and try to persuade them that they are wrong.

  32. When I first learned that was months from a bomb I could not believe that our leadership could have allowed them to come so close.

  33. Under full sanctions came within months of making a bomb, and still we did not strike, what could be accomplished with more sanctions?

  34. Politics ends at our shores. Republicans need to show that the Senators are free to vote their individual consciences – no party line.

  35. Munich?  With armies in Iraq and Afghanistan W lost his nerve.  When will you strike?  Now you have 10 years to screw up your courage.

  36. Allies came together to stop the Iranian bomb &are satisfied with the Agreement, to take further action we should be prepared to do so alone

  37. Allies came together to stop the Iranian bomb & is satisfied with the Agreement, to take further action we should be prepared to do so alone

  38. The Iranian  Agreement reached by the Allies is the only agreement available there is no “better deal" Only one CIC.

  39. We should destroy Irans nuclear program &must overthrow the regime;with better intelligence the window of warning goes from months to a year

  40. Obama’s most persuasive statement was his point that no harm had been done to keep the Allies from striking if Iran attempted a breakout.

  41. The  Agreement does not end war it is simply a contract in which the contracting parties suspend action & wait and watch:  status quo ante.

  42. Letter to President Barack Obama in Lecture Hall   compares the Iran Agreement to a Naval Treaty of years past.

  43. The Encyclical Letter on Global Warming is linked to the Vatican at the New Library at:

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  47. Old Tweets are now archived at     in the New Library in Twitter Note Books 1 to 5  with notes.

The philosopher’s boast, like that of the British Nobility, is: We make Objective Truths. Celebrate Magna Carta Day.    

To find a time when violence went unabated you do not have to look back to the Wild West, just look back to after the race riots of the ‘60s

#Rachel_Maddow we are debating our involvement in the ME, Congress’ only involvement is to Appropriate money limited to 2 years at a time.

President #Jeb_Bush gave a flawless answer about--- Counselor: You are getting ahead of yourself. –What? Counselor: You said President Bush.

Ah, #Jeb_Bush gave a flawless answer about USA/Russia relations in Germany & #Lawrence_ODonnell & ‘yes men’ miss quoted & bashed & lied.

#Rachel_Maddow referred to #MSNBC as the “Liberal network,” but that’s not the problem, the hosts will not allow cross examination- bad TV.  

Contrast low rated #MSNBC with #FOX where nearly every segment has a contrasting views presented to challenge the host’s views – great TV.

President Bush said--- Counselor:..…--#Jeb_Bush said we should always show our support for the people as opposed to the “corrupt leadership” of Russia.

#Steve_Clemens, #Atlantic,claimed this statement lacked “strategic depth” because #Putin is popular;dead dissidents can't disagree nor host.

Will Mrs Billy#Clinton “speak truth to power”as #Jeb_Bush did and call the Russian regime “corrupt”? Her husband received $500k from #Putin.

#Jeb_Bush spoke of not pushing the Russian people away for a generation but rather trying to bring them into the European sphere of values.

#Clemens & #Richard_Wolf thought this “inane” who are we to tell the Russian people, they probably like their dissident leaders killed off.

Since Peter the Great the story of Russia has been a movement to the West & a fight against autocracy today in the form of #Putin & his KGB.

Reread Chekhov and look at 19th Century Russian interest in parliaments, trial by jury, political parties, all Western ideas that fascinated.

Again #Maddow, the problem isn’t that #ODonnell is a Liberal, but that he is an intellectual coward, he will not allow an equal to challenge him.

So when #Wolf lies & simply makes up a quote, “NATO should stand up for NATO” saying “that doesn’t makes sense” --but #Jeb didn’t say that.

#ODonnell didn’t correct #Wolf & there was no one to cross examine pointing out that #Jeb_Bush said NATO must push back against #Putin.

#Jeb_Bush stood in #Germany and told them, the European leaders of NATO, they must be responsible for “pushing back” against #Putin.

Given that all the European NATO countries have been cutting spending, including our cousins in Britain, his admonition was politely received.

But what more can one man do? #Jeb_Bush pointed out that #Putin is a “ruthless pragmatist” who will “push until someone pushes back.” 

#Jeb_Bush can cajole, persuade, rally the European’s to the growing threat that is an unchecked #Putin, encourage them to support NATO.  

In the end it will be the Europeans themselves who evidence that they have learned the lessons of the 20th Century & check aggression early.

As I said #Jeb_Bush’s answer on USA/Russian relations was flawless, the #MSNBC discussion was the same old Liberalism which cannot stand scrutiny.

Once again I point out that since 1905 in Modern Russian history defeat in war has led to change of regime, defeat #Putin in Ukraine & end his regime.

EULOGY 2ndEdition (with tweets) has now been published at   may Major #Biden Rest In Peace.