Tweets Note Book #4

Note Book #4:

Description of Artificial Clouds Letters for Go Fund Me site. Eulogy first edition and tweets. (see 

Eulogy 2nd edition with tweets at Lecture Hall at Main Campus:

Iraq policy discussed and Der Spiegel article that described Isis as centralized spy state.  

Index of Note Book #4:

O’Reilly, Matthews Dr. Krauthammer, Sunni, Joe Biden, Isis, Cobras, Apaches, JOS, Schering Plough $500k fine, Schweizer, Stephanopoulos, Keystone XL pipeline,  Marc Rich, street cred, Crips & Bloods, Baltimore, Clinton_Cash, Der_Spiegel

  • The management at MSNBC should, since the hosts will not, set up a cross examination co-host like Kinsley on Firing Line to challenge the host.

For years I have been trying to interest Washington in the use of Artificial Clouds to reverse Global Warming with letters & the web site  In 1989 I contacted Gorbachev & Bush.  The key is to contact not just the decision maker, the President, but his whole staff.  Including important congresspersons it costs $500 per letter.  The primary target is the Conservatives who think GW is too big to do anything about.  To show them that there is in fact something that can be done, see Dr. Teller's papers & Dr. Myhrvold papers at the web site, makes it easier for them to accept the science.  Dr. Hansen, the godfather of GW research at NASA has called for more research into Artificial Clouds in his book Storms Of My Grandchildren.  It may seem backwards that the Conservatives need to be shown a solution to GW before they will accept the science of GW but the human temperament works in unusual ways.  Indeed once accepting GW they may well accept carbon reduction as a more straightforward way of solving the problem!

Unfortunately I do not believe this will be enough.  At the twitter page there is are two video of GW.  One is about American denial. Yet world denial is an even larger problem to overcome.   China, Indonesia, India all have large coal reserves and can be expected to burn all of it. Then too our model builders use the most conservative values when confronted with a possible range.  The rapid heating of the Artic is dangerous.  If the methane of the Arctic tundra is released a catastrophic warming syndrome will follow.  Artificial Clouds are an insurance policy, a failsafe fall back for our only planet.   I can no longer afford the bi monthly letters to the Washington decision makers and need your help to bring Artificial Clouds to the attention of conservatives and let them know there is something we can do about Global Warming.  Please give.

wall with posters and film and testimony, plaintiff attorneys will be happy to cooperate, Blown out tires, with the        stories of the deceased                     2/4

deceased, Poisoned pet food, Tooth paste, Medications, Parts and tools that fall apart, and Semiconductor Chips that are used …….3/4

by our military. What back doors have been designed into these chips we do not know about?  2- Set up a web site. 4/4  

What Jeb Bush should do in retaliation for the Chinese hacking:  1-Televised event in which he hosts a presentation of ……….1/4


No one ever suspects someone will try and break into a prison, down through the man hole cover along the tunnels with cutting tools.


TSA Solution ONE:  The problem with carryon luggage is that there are too many confusing objects, irons, hear dryers, hand grenades.  


TSA Solution ONE:  Reduce the amount of luggage allowed into the cabin.  Overhead storage is only a convenience not worth the threat. 


Counselor: You just wrote that uplifting eulogy. You’re not going to start on poor Mr. Matthews again! –He says I don’t know loss .  .  . 2/2


My other uncle took his submarine out to the Western Pacific and never came back, and when I hear Matthews---Counselor: Oh, no! 1/2            

My uncle, died of a brain tumor, his widow remarried a survivor of D-Day 1st wave who self-medicated with alcohol she helped him recover. 

“You are not far from the kingdom of God.” (Mark 12:34)God sent an angel who asked, “Why do you look for he who lives among the dead?”

The “good news” is not that the resurrection and eternal life are fond when you are dead but now, as soon as you are born again. 

The moment of realization that you are one with the universe, not fallen out of it, is to be “born again” or as Chris. Scientist say “resurrected.”

Indeed it is those who suffer the most, e.g. prostitutes, the poor, confronted with life’s hardships who can connect with the universal.

The key to dealing with the anger in suffering is to find that connection to the greater “self” beyond the suffering separate isolated being.

Suffering serious loss causes one to question in anger if we are truly one in Christ yet survivors report redemption in thinking of others.

There is an optical illusion that we are separate yet we depend on the atmosphere, biosphere, sun, “Oceans wave, the Universe peoples”—A. Watts

The physicists explain that our bodies are made up of material ejected from stars, yet when told we are one with  this universe we doubt.  We look separate.

The experience of coming into unity with the universe in the “body of Christ”, Corpus  Christie, can only be hinted at for it is an experience not a word.

EULOGY has now been published at’s Lecture Hall see June-6-2015



Alan Watts commented that the creator was not a churchman.  For if he was a churchman we would find the universe populated by rosaries, crucifixes, and cathedrals.  These things are the things of churchmen but they are not the things of the creator of the universe. Do they remind us of that creator?

The stained glass at Chartres Cathedral, the medieval illuminated manuscripts, Michelangelo’s Pieta all meant to remind one of the creator.  Jesus said, “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.”(John 20:17) This statement is not a reminder of some distant God but is a reference to an immediate experience.   And is Jesus’ message that only he is “ascending to my and your Father, to my God and your God?” No, He holds out the reality that each of us can make this ascension:  “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”’? (John 10:34)  {The Law to which Jesus refers is perhaps in the Old Testament: “And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.””( Genesis 3:22)  No, though we may be as gods we cannot be allowed to live forever.}

So Alan Watts critique that churchmen think more about their books, candles, and bells than they do about the direct immediate experience of Jesus’ teaching has its point.  How immediate is His teaching?  Jesus says, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” (Mark 12:34)  And if you are thinking at this point ‘what me a god? I’d  make a very poor god, I make a poor sinner truth be told, I remind you that Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.  (Matthew 21:31)

What is needed is for you to stop with the ‘little sinner me’, having known good and evil, and join the universe now, immediately, right this instant.  “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” (John 3:3)  Born again is not some phony Jimmy Swaggert tears running down your face on TV blubbering but is this moment of transcendence of ascension where you join with Jesus in an eternal life that is eternal because the universe is eternal even though ‘little poor you’ may not be.

This is His body this is His blood.  Whose body?  Whose blood?  Before being born again you would have had answered ‘my body my blood’ but now the answer is Corpus Christi.  

35 years later the internet has replace the need for laser disks, at least in most of the USA, yet now I want to start a new letter campaign:


After the Math Project   I tried to persuade #George_HW_Bush & Senate to have an entire college:  


In the late 1980s, when it was clear there would be a shortage of maths teachers, I tried to persuade #George_HW_Bush to develop laser disks :


President #George_HW_Bush responded to me; his and my response can be found in the Last Letter  (see  )

#Lawrence_ODonnell covers #Lincoln_Chafee’s statements about Mrs. Billy #Clinton’s “ethics issues” but his audience has not been let in on #Clinton_Cash.

If #Jeb_Bush decides to run for President he will stop feeling he does not have to prove competence, HW,(former CIA,Ambassador,VP,Congressman) had it.

If #Jeb_Bush decides to run for President he will stop appearing out of touch and start to show some swagger like his “savvy” brother W.

If #Jeb_Bush decides to run for President he will stop being so self-effacing, which he thinks is modest, but makes him look befuddled. 


If #Jeb_Bush decides to run for President he will stop looking down and start making eye contact with his audience;  “only connect.”


The brother of the terrorist decedent in Boston is an Imam, claimed: 1shot in the back,2on the phone,3last words “I can’t breathe” – All lies.  

How can #ODonnell & #Maddow & #Melber discuss Mrs. Billy #Clinton’s polls ,they have previously dismissed #Clinton_Cash as a news story?


And the response in America is the same as it is in countries with state controlled media, we know #MSNBC is not to be trusted & go elsewhere.


#ODonnell & #Maddow remind one of state news organs for Blue States, simply ignore unfavorable news: declining poll numbers for Mrs Clinton. 


#Lawrence_ODonnell & #Rachel_Maddow aren’t the place to go for information about #Clinton_Cash or polls but the Party Line, why watch #MSNBC?


#Lawrence_ODonnell the night when #Clinton’s polls show increasing weakness chooses to ignore them & concentrate on #Bush @ 1% behind. Why?

#Paul_Farh writing in Washington Post refers to #Brian_William’s “bogus war ‘stories’” plural – a lie. He referred to one copter instead of another. 

In modern Russian history defeat in war has always lead to change of regime since 1905. Defeat in #Ukraine could end #Putin’s regime.

In 1992 I wrote that the phone records of KQED & my counselor would show a connection.  Counselor: You wanted my phone records? 1/2

 Ah, … Dear we were not on such good terms  . . . And Matthews said “this is America we don’t look through other phone records.”  2/2

Counselor: So this thing with Jeb is the biggest recognition? ---No, When I quoted Thoreau  Trudeau drew a big donut on his comic.

Counselor: What else did Jeb say? – He stood up to Schaffer and said “there is the appearance of quid pro quo” in the Clinton’s conduct.

According to a 2009 decision of the 6th US Circuit Court the law does not require “ a particular, identifiable act” for a quid pro quo

The Clintons would be guilty as:  “It is sufficient if the public official understood that he or she was expected to exercise some influence”

Counselor:  But I thought you said you required five word for confirmation? ---Well … ah. He sad “#Obama’s strategy” they’re five, . . . .

See May 26 Tweet (re tweeted below) “series of tactics” used by Jeb Bush on Face The Nation.  Counselor: You must be so excited!  --Yes!

IRRESPONSIBILITY:  Sec. of State #Kerry self-indulgently takes a bike ride in the middle of the most critical stage of nuclear negotiations!

At the Conservative Seminar at we discussed Artificial Clouds with Conservatives in one on one sessions.  

The failure of #Kodak to recognize electronic imagine was not preordained it resulted from a failure of leadership, as with a Co. a nation.

Kodak invented the first digital camera but failed to see its future so Rochester NY instead of becoming a Silicon Valley is underemployed. 

40% of American jobs are at risk of being taken by Robots and AI at $4 an hour according to Bold by Kotler & Diamandis also in China.

If #Der_Spiegel knows the true nature of #Isis (from papers acquired by German Intelligence) then the #CIA knows, so then the President.

Far from being the free form “many nodes” structure claimed by American talking heads Isis is a highly structured spy state


As with the NAZIs #Isis started slowly first dozens then100s of opponents in #Raqqa killed with something new emails and photos and taunts.

It was #Haji_Bakr who chose the cleric #Abu_Bakr_Baghdadi to be the “spiritual” face of #Isis & it was he who created the Orwellian state. 


#Isis didn’t even start in #Iraq but in #Syria where #Haji_Bakr went in 2012 to begin operations to take over territory using former agents. 


American talking heads keep saying Isis came from Iraqi Al Qaeda but #Der_Spiegel shows Haji_Bakr former colonel was the mastermind.  


The management at MSNBC should, since the hosts will not, set up a cross examination co-host like Kinsley on Firing Line to challenge the host. 


At FOX they have serious disagreements with guests and it make for entertaining TV to see the clash of ideas, at MSNBC arguments are muted.

At FOX they manage to provide a different perspective on the news even when covering the same stories, at MSNBC  a conformist repetition

At FOX they manage to provide a different perspective on the news even when covering the same stories, at MSNBC there is a conformist repetition show to show.

So we can see the “pattern” with #Putin’s killing off of his opponents but we cannot discern a pattern in the conduct of Mr. & Mrs. Billy Clinton as set out in Clinton Cash.


#Rachel_Maddow reports on #Putin’s opponents who have been poisoned or shot but does not ask for the “smoking gun” only concerned about appearances.

#Rachel_Maddow who dropped the #Clinton_Cash story by #Peter_Schweizer jumped on the #Denny_Hastert story without hesitation. Political bias?

While everyone is worrying about the Shiite Bomb perhaps it has been forgotten that there is already a Sunni Bomb in Pakistan.


“Banned in Boston! ….We don’t put people in prison for writing books.” --- Senator Ambassador Doctor Daniel Patrick Moynihan  

“Why Sepp Blatter wasn’t involved in this seemingly historic day and the answer is that’s how  true power works.” The Clintons know this.


Counselor: Who do you imagine will give to you? –Well, for example, #Brian_Williams,he might feel grateful. Counselor: I don’t think so.


Another friend of Mrs Clinton, Hilary Lefebre, received $54k, Friends of the Earth said Mrs Clinton’s State was “complicit in this entire affair.”


Elliott had been hired by TransCanada and Toiv worked “complicit in this entire affair” of XL was this a “smoking gun” for Billy’s $1.8m?


Schweizer names, Paul Elliott, Nora Toiv, Mrs Clinton’s campaign director & State assistant worked on Keystone XL this too not a“smoking gun”


But no, Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace, say $1.55 million paid upon the pardon of Marc Rich is not significant because there is no “smoking gun.”


To see the criminals on the dais with the Mayor, to see the President pardon a criminal and traitor, demoralizes the nation not just the police.  


There is general bewilderment that the Police of Baltimore are discouraged yet the Crips and Bloods are two primary criminal organizations in the city.

At the top you have Billy Clinton hauling in $1.55m, (known), at the bottom street gangs with the Mayor, why are police disheartened? 

I thought “street cred” was just MSNBC hosts speak, but there were the Crips & Bloods with the Mayor of Baltimore. Dems are corrupt top to bottom.

Billy pardoned Marc Rich and his wife paid $100k to Mrs Clinton's Senate campaign, $450 to the Library,$1m to Democratic Party. Smoking gun?

Billy pardoned Marc Rich and his wife paid $100k to Mrs Clinton Senate campaign, $450 to the Library, $1m to the Democratic Party. Smoking gun?

Schering Plough, see prior post, was found in violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, for doing less than what the Clintons have participated in. 

Can anyone doubt that TD Bank, which had interests in oil sands, thought it was buying “influence” with its $1.8m in speaking fees?  Smoking gun?

For example, TD Bank paid Billy $1.8 in speaking fees while the Keystone XL pipeline was before Mrs Clinton at State.   Help me Tweet :

Well of course they “wanted influence” & none so more than the corrupt.  Schweizer shows speech fees went up when Mrs Clinton held State

Strangely Stephanopoulos provided the answer himself saying the reason donors gave to the Clinton's foundation was they "wanted influence.”

For example, why didn’t Clinton’s corrupt benefactors just give, as Hitchens asked,  to charities in their own countries why to Clinton’s? 

In Clinton Cash by Schweizer provides examples of Billy Clinton working with disreputable corrupt money men funding speeches.


I used to send letters( see Math & Laser Disk Letters raising these issues now I need help:

Melber of MSNBC laughably claimed Schweizer “had a problem” because he could not get an indictment and MSNBC ignores the story.


#Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton flack, talking like a jail house lawyer criticized #Schweizer for not showing a quid pro quo:


Still the best thing written on this #Jennifer_Rubin  see


 in The Phony Quid Pro Quo Standard said everything I was going to say . . . Counselor: . . ..  - everything only better than I could. Ok?


When SEC went after Schering Plough for $500k Megan Kelly, Stephanopoulos, Wallace did not ask for a “smoking gun”; but the Clintons. 

Schering Plough gave $76k to a Polish charity & was penalized for appearance of  influencing an official who sat on the board. Smoking gun?

Reading Clinton Cash.  Counselor: Oh –Yeah, so I’ve decided to put out my own tin cup. Counselor: But you don’t have influence.

Now, who will tell the President his “strategy” (really just a series of tactics train, supply, etc.) is not working?  SOD?  JCOS?  Stand up!

The SOD #Ashton_Carter based on cursory reports condemned the will of the Iraqi soldier; if true it means President’s strategy is wrong.

Do the JOOS agree with Dr.#Krauthammer that distributing crates of m-16a4s to Sunni civilians is better than bringing in Cobras and Apaches? 

I didn’t say we would “destroy” Isis the President said that. He who says A must say B. To will the end  is to will the means; the JCOS say what? 


#Joe_Biden may turn out to have been right about a tripartite Iraq, which does not mean it was wrong to have tried for a unitary state, but Isis is primary.

Dr.#Krauthammer did not say the polls will not allow us to send the 101st to Kurdistan he thinks the best thing is give guns away to Sunni.

Krauthammer doesn’t seem to understand that an army is more than a group of armed men especially  in a country convulsed by sectarian strife.

To expect Sunni civilians to go into combat against the Isis savages and win is the kind of thing only an intellectual could come up with.

Does Dr. Krauthammer really think his plan to arm Sunni civilians is better than bringing in Cobras or is this something he has cobbled together?

To say ME states are not fully developed is not news.   See Tribes With Flags by Charles Glass 1990. Unlikely Shiites will give up Iraq. …..

The #O’Reilly_Memo was just on point. No reference to the polls.  Tell it like it is.  Let the politicians adjust themselves to the reality.

#Chris_Matthews ended his show blathering about people who only “know how to fight with keyboards”? What else? Lincoln chose broad swords.