Tweets Note Book #6

Note Book #6:

Trump argues for war crime of stealing Iraqi oil, and also for the deportation of 12 million immigrants, it is shown that this irretrievably damages the Republican Party; also ways to reach 4% growth are posted, including balancing the budget and paying off the debt.  

Index of Note Book #6:


Trump, immigration, deportation, George Bush, Mrs. Billy Clinton, Billy Clinton, Hitler, Jeb!, Jeb Bush, WTC, Dr. Hansen, Republican Party, Mexico, Chris Matthews, Iran, Iranian Agreement, VAT, war crime, Keynes,  4% Growth. 

  • admits to consulting with Billy what did they discuss? Forced deportation? Theft of Iraqi oil? (A war crime.)Oh yeah, you should run.

  1. admits to consulting with Billy what did they discuss? Forced deportation? Theft of Iraqi oil? (A war crime.)Oh yeah, do it.

  2. All persons born . . .does not mean all persons born. ! needs to show what the deportation of 12 million people would do to our country.

  3. !’s father was surprised to lose to a draft dodging rapist.Everyone thought Schwarzenegger was a joke.Many didn’t take Hitler seriously.

  4. !’s brother W goes to war & does not read Saddam Hussein and the WTC Attacks. Not even curious. ! has to break away from his family.

  5. !’s father lost re-election by a few points. Anything could have made a difference: laser disks in our schools, prisons, ships at sea.

  6. Doesn’t the thought of our young people being used so meanly by make ! angry?His father &W were so phlegmatic is ! like that?

  7. advocates a war crime, the theft of Iraqi oil.  He would have our young people fight and die for a theft. ! has said nothing.

  8. When will ! get angry?  Controlled, cold, righteous anger.  Not just his campaign is being ruined but the whole of the Party.It is time.

  9. calls for deportation of 12 million immigrants & their American children.  A large % of Republicans approve. This cannot be undone.

  10. The email of the State Department has a window for classification, if this is filled system will not allow the email to be sent to civilian.

  11. The scientists tell us that if we stopped all carbon emission today the atmosphere would continue to warm for decades. We will not stop.

  12. Dr. has called for research into Artificial Clouds but no knows best.  But then Hansen is only a scientist Obama is a lawyer.

  13. “There is no Plan B” said announcing his new carbon goals.I had previously written him that Artificial Clouds were Plan B, insurance.

  14. Everyone thinks the Stupid Party has lost California irretrievably but if Republicans would do their job it could be redeemed:Growth! Build!

  15. We are told the people are very angry that’s why they tell the pollsters , & I don’t care they are like rioters looting & burning.

  16. mocked that love motivated the Mexican immigrants saying rapists & murderers were not motivated by love! Tell“that to their victims."

  17. condemns “neo cons"“who didn’t serve,”on inside he is ½ a man;he can never support the use of force because he did not serve

  18. In society we use only the necessary force, in war if there is a choice between a cannonade and a thunderbolt the latter is to be preferred.

  19. Isis:There is a nexus of reasons,genocide,unlawful war,war crimes & the need to reassure our friends & show Iranians that we will use force.

  20. didn’t try to persuade Republicans.  In a 2nd letter ( ) I suggest they could be won over by destroying Isis.

  21. ridiculed the idea that love motivates the Mexican immigrants, who send $23 billion back to Mexico every year:  That's a lot of love.

  22. boasts that his wealth means he cannot be bought; what he doesn't understand is that his wealth proves he has already been bought.

  23. wants us to know that his advocacy of a war crime,(the theft of Iraqi oil),isn't new,he has been calling for taking the oil for years

  24. Millionaire TV personalities are mesmerized by the billionaire candidate and regard his advocacy of a war crime (steal Iraqi oil) as nothing

  25. 4% growth is possible as we collect dimes & nickels with the VAT buying $100s of billions of T-bonds capitalist must put capital to work.

  26. Once the budget is balanced the tables are turned on the capitalists and as the T-bonds are paid off they are forced back into the market.

  27. It is not just the interest on the borrowing but the distortion of who gets access to capital, taxes especially the VAT are more diffuse.

  28. Keynes didn't argue for deficit spending all the time only when decline in demand started a downward spiral.Borrowing crowds out small firms

  29. Whatever we think about government spending,strategically on target or wasted,we should all agree that it be paid for by taxes not borrowed.

  30. Small firms do most of the hiring & are startups at growing edge of economy but they are least able to compete with government in borrowing.

  31. Another way to 4% growth is to stop government borrowing.  In the competition for capital it is small firms that are most disadvantaged.

  32. now advocates a war crime by taking over Iraq and stealing the Iraqi oil. Pat Buchanan advised taking Hussein’s offer of Kuwaiti oil.

  33. Another way to get to 4% growth we can redirect money spent on medicine &redirect it.USA spends 17% GDP,Germany 11%,6% USA GDP is $1trillion

  34. 55% of Iowans think worse of after the debate but passed over this and the blood coming from ’s eyes or wherever.

  35. refers to “immigrant,McCain,Blood coming from wherever comments” “but you defy gravity” because has conned 103,360 Iowans.

  36. has 17% of 608,000registered Republicans in Iowa,or 103,360 people which is not enough to win election but is enough to win the press

  37. The “wall” would be paid for by Mexico imagines.  Neatly he cannot discuss the status of immigrants until the wall is built.

  38. has a secret plan for Isis that he assures is a “beautiful, beautiful, plan” but as with all his proposals there is no there there.

  39. characterizes all Mexican immigrants as murders & rapists with no evidence, not an article, report, testimony, just his own mouth.

  40. He knows murders & rapists are being sent but good people not so much.Does have evidence that the Mexican government is sending them?

  41. “And I suppose some of them are good people.”--- He supposes,he does not know for sure,he has no personal experience by which to judge

  42. “‘You will know it by many colors, it will march under many banners, but you shall always know it by only one name: Plunder!’” ----Disraeli.

  43. Independents are 42%.  Some are former Republicans too ashamed to be associated with such a Party where small activist groups can dominate.

  44. “Republican identification fell to 25%”So a 20% share is 5% of the registered voters.This is what comes from being a Party of bottom feeders

  45. Talking heads with said we should contain Iran “like we did with the Soviet Union”--- we don’t have time must stop the bomb

  46. Yes I heard W complaining that I said he did not read enough.He was the one who decided to put everything on WMD --- two ideas was too much.

  47. So we have a big crowd today. Read Laurie Mylroie’s THE WAR AGAINST AMERICA Saddam Hussein and the WTC Attacks. The book W did not read.

  48. And if high in demand, class?  Counselor: Then their price . . . can go up . . .---Yes that’s it exactly. Very good! The price is e-las-tic.

  49. As students of NRC know a tax on the rich acts like a VAT via price mechanism for the rich are rich because their goods are in high demand.

  50. In his book We Can All Do Better points out that payroll taxes are a burden on employment,(I think the VAT is my idea).

  51. By removing the tax burden from employment we encourage more employment by the largest employers, small firms, and shift it onto the VAT.

  52. One way to get to 4% growth per former Senator is to cut payroll taxes for small firms & replace lost revenue with a VAT.