How to read Tweet Note Books:

Like Chinese or Hebrew the Tweets are read bottom to top.  The first appear as paragraphs that were broken up into tweets but later the individual tweets appear as they appeared in the Twitter page for the most part though editing had still to be applied. 

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Solve for X:

Using the three tweets about Mexico to the left solve for X: Mexico's population will increase by A-50m B-100m C-200m D-none of the above?

Most of your children could not solve this simple word problem. This is why we need Common Core or we could just ask Britain's Open University to provide the tests they have vast experience.

Recommended Setting:

We recommend magnification of 150 times. The web site has dynamic self centering so it will maintain its position on the screen regardless of the magnification. 


I knew I was a Conservative when I read On Human Nature by Edward O. Wilson called a fascist by the Left but I thought him a great scientist.

#Dr_Wilson when will you men stop being so aggressive and violent?” 

“Just at soon, Madam, as you females stop selecting the most aggressive and violent males to mate with.”


#Mexico’s population increase would require Mexico to build 100% more highways, schools, hospitals, houses in 50 years as its population grows to 200 million.

If the USA took 50% of the population increase of #Mexico we would only have to build 14% more highways, schools, hospitals, houses in 50 years.   

#Mexico’s population is set to double in next 50 years, the USA could take half or 50 million, we are now only asked to take 5m not even a stretch.