Tweets Note Book #3

Note Book #3:

Discussion of phony quid pro quo standard for the Clintons. Questions about lack of "shuttle diplomacy by Obama to get Iraqi neighbors to send troops. Examine need for Artificial Clouds. WMD and the new caliphate particularly bio-weapons.  Refute SOD Ashton Carter's statement about the Iraq.  

Index of Note Book #3:


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  • The Evangelicals do not seem to realize they are the minority protected by the Republican Majority; it is the case of the tail wagging the dog.


Japan had a dictatorship but we still went after Germany first. Since when did the Iraqis become the guarantors of peace in the ME & our soldiers?

Muddled thinking: 1the polls say,2Iraq is falling into parts,3Syria has a dictator, 4genocide is not our probem,5they can’t attack us,6warmongers

And again I say don’t tell me that the polls say;  we are discussing what you and I should say about Isis. Is it only Iraq’s problem or is it our problem also?

The point is that there are plenty of reasons for stopping Isis now, unlawful war, war crimes, genocide, etc. overarching this is the growing catastrophic risk. 


Russia had a large stockpile of bioweapons but they were not the same threat as Isis is today.  Isis has, is demonstrating, its willingness for mass killing.

Many governmental offices have visited the Army Navy Club here at see the next 6 point cover points of bio preparedness.

With inexpensive lab equipment it is now possible to splice genes from one pathogen to another a point I asked Imus to ask  an FBI man see :

Some say Isis is not a powerful state like Germany &does not pose a threat.  (see bioweaponeers no longer take a large industrial base to pose a treat.

What will #Obama do? Just let the genocide continue? If Syria falls what of the Christians? We don’t know because no one ever asks him.


Or does #Carter tell the hapless CIC what he wants to hear? And the generals too, do they sing like caged birds?  Yes #Obama Iraqis.


#Obama’s strategy, if we can call it that, is to have the Iraqi’s “destroy” Isis yet #Carter’s statement shows he does not thing this will work.

#Ashton_Carter expects Iraq to fight Isis for us, in Iraq & Syria yet he has done nothing to get support from neighbors yet condemns Iraq!  

claims he wants others to fight for us yet what does he offer, 3k troops & 1k sorties, this isn’t leading from behind this is AWOL.


Isis has $2billion with which to buy WMD, it is engaged in genocide, unlawful war, war crimes, terrorism, and #Ashton_Carter does nothing.

There is a Statute that requires the USA to intervene in genocide,(recall Susan Rice’s games during the 1990s), what about Isis? Genocide?

In discussion in Washington someone will interject ‘the polls say . . .’ as if a poll equal to an argument. What to do about Isis? Polls be damned.

Is #Ashton_Carter recommending our support? No. Is he going to Cairo? No.  He makes his pronouncement, their policy is not working that is all. 

Have we no interest in the destruction of Isis?  Are we to coldly stand back & judge their fighting spirit?  Did the French fight? Kosovars? #Carter is an ass.  


I’ve got the #China_Domain_Registry_Center wanting my domain name and I am trying to reverse Global Warming by getting #Xi_Jinping interested.

Anyone know about the China Domain Registry Center of Shanghai? (see Lecture Hall email should I write to my new best friend Xi Jinping?



Counselor: What if they come out behind you when you pass them? --- I pray they come out of those cities and fight in the field!


Once the head of the Isis is cut off in Raqqa & supply lines are cut, no ammunition, cash, men the Iraqis can then set about the cleanup.

MacArthur bypassed many defended islands; just so we & the Iraqis can pass the sniper nests & IEDs of Iraqi cities & destroy Isis in Syria. 


The “boots on the ground” are a complicated network of overlapping weapons systems so more troops will be needed to support SF & Iraqis.

In the media Special Forces are portrayed as the cool guys and the regular Army as the squares, but as in Sole Survivor SF need Army back up. 

Not only would this free up the Iraqi strategic reserve for the field but will give the Iraqis confidence that Uncle Sam has their back, a force in being.

There are 10k troops in Kuwait they should be moved to Baghdad to replace the strategic reserve of the Iraqi army while security troops remain. 

Iraq is our ally we have a bond with them over a decade we owe it to ourselves not to throw them away out of some Liberal Darwinian theory.


Isis needs to be expelled from Iraq & destroyed in Syria & not necessarily in that order.  They can not be allowed to exist much less hold oil fields.


The fact that they are incorrigible mustn’t prevent us from acting in our own self interests.  Isis must be stopped before it organizes a WMD attack.


At this point we should assume the President has done his due diligence & has not been unable to persuade the neighbors to be forthcoming. 


100k refugees stream from cities before Isis takes control millions are in refugee camps but no they cannot see through Isis’ claims to Islam.


Again it is this Liberal academic idea that we cannot “impose” our Western ideas on the world for the people of the ME may regard Isis differently!


If you do not “impose” your values Iraq is just another 3rd world country undergoing a counter revolution why should we get involved?

The editor of Reason Magazine thought it would be ok if Isis takes control of Iraq, the world second largest oil reserves, Obama may agree.


With their resources they can purchase WMD.  You can close your eyes but they exist. Or you can eliminate the treat before it is organized. 


Isis has declared its intention to attack “Rome” by which they mean the West. They have billions of dollars tens of thousands of fighters.

Seen him getting off the jet in Cairo? Holding hands with the King of the Saudis? Anything to indicate that he takes this seriously? Nothing.


Everyone says Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. should participate to finish off Saddam’s diehards, Isis, yet were is Obama’s shuttle diplomacy?


Leaving politics at our shore W should have supervised democracy in Iraq & Obama should have picked up that line not led from behind.

For example, do you have democracy after one, two, three, elections? 10 years? All the while our troops bear the burden waiting on government.


#Billy Clinton too treated the 1st WTC bombing as a civil crime even though he was told of Ramsi Yousef’s Iraqi connection by FBI agent Fox.

#Obama described himself as a “big city mayor keeping crime under control” yet Isis is a military force with an ideology, civil crime is different.  

Seeing the weakness of the Maliki government the corruption of the army they saw their chance and took it, $1 billion from the banks of  Mosul. 

What we are witnessing is the will to power; of those who want to control the “caliphate” & their foot soldiers who want “wives” & cash & violence.

#Christoph_Reuter writing in Der Spiegel (4-18-2015) reports on the true origin of Isis: Saddam’s henchmen bid for power cynically using Islam.  

Nouri al Maliki was the predictable result of unsupervised “democracy” (identity politics) in Iraq after years of suppression. They needed a guiding hand.


#Condoleezza_Rice crowed when Iraq was in one piece “we did not have a strong man, at least we didn’t make that mistake.” Don Imus: Who said that?

And who told W this? It sounds like the thing one hears on university campuses, she would be an academic, inexperienced, quaking in her shoes.


But no, we could go 10k miles, overthrow the worthless dictator, suppress his trained killers, but “impose” a government, no W was told, no way. 

When the Prince of Jordan, a man familiar with the ME, recommended a strong man to hold Iraq together I seconded the notion.(MacArthur?)

Then too setting up a government can be done by dictate under martial law but democracy requires more preparation, why wasn’t it done before?

Counselor: What’s the difference? – Setting up a government is an occurrence, a onetime deal, when do you have the condition of democracy?


When we got into Iraq I complained when the rally point was changed from setting up a government to establishing democracy which is a condition.

W was preparing to go to war and Laurie Mylroie’s book War Against America with a forward by CIA Director Woolsey and he ignores it --no mention.

Counselor: George HW Bush, John Sanunu, read your letters what about W? –No I was a Negro.  Counselor: What? – He thought I was second class.

Politics stops at our shore, especially when our troops are in combat, yet the President, Mrs Billy Clinton admitted to politics in opposing the surge.

4 times I have challenged #Matthews to show his video, it don’t exist, because he has hysterically latched onto THE BOMB as cover for treason.

If in 2002 #Matthews thought that THE BOMB was THE reason for war where is the video of him pointing out Iraq was years from a bomb.

#Chris_Matthews is hysterical, not funny, beyond reason, yellow cake, centrifuges, all indicate years from a bomb yet he insists THE BOMB!


Mrs Billy Clinton & the Obama admitting in front of Gates that they opposed the surge in 2007 for political reasons is a kind of treason.

Treason in the same sense as Matthews calling the war “Bush’s war” even though it had been voted on by the Congress.  His turn was political.



Mike Morell say “we told them” that Saddam was restarting his nuclear program but claimed Cheney’s “reconstituted” was untrue. A fine line.

But no matter it was a “Perry Masson moment” according to the ever modest Matthews. And again no video of Matthews showing disagreement.

No matter Maddow pronounced excellent TV, and Matthew also, and so it goes the host all agree, only one problem, the audience does not.

Because they are too cowardly to engage in real debate. Buckley always had a Liberal cross examination, often a Liberal guest too, they only yes men.

For example MSNBC has never examined Laurie Mylroie’s book The War Against America or Robert Baer’s books, see McGurk Tutorial




To hear the two of them making these admissions, and in front of me, was as surprising as it was dismaying. -- Former SOD Bob Gates

“Hillary told the president that her opposition to the [2007] surge in Iraq had been political because she was facing him in the Iowa primary. . . .”

“The president conceded vaguely that opposition to the Iraq surge had been political.” Liberal don’t mention this but conservatives?



Counselor: OK, but I thought you wanted to elevate the conversation? You call Chris Matthews a traitor, a coward, a liar what’s with that rhetoric?

The problem isn’t that he changed his mind about the war it’s that he stated calling it “Bush’s war” even though it was voted for by Congress.

He betrayed his nation for base partisan motives. Then too there was the attribution of bad faith to those with whom he disagreed. Halliburton!

Where are the hours of video of Matthews arguing against “Bush’s war” in 2002?  He went along & then made the “smart move” against the war.

Matthews keeps running 3 seconds of tape of Cheney saying “reconstituted  nuclear weapons” whatever that means but provides no context.

Matthews claims these words caused 73% of the nation to go to war?! “Reconstituted?”  But it takes years to go from yellow cake to a bomb.

If anything the report of the yellow cake showed the Iraqis were years from a bomb. Bio weapons were different.  See 45 minuets


So another six reasons for overthrowing Saddam Hussein are the six who died in the 1st WTC attack and the injured are another 1,000 reasons.

Counselor: But that’s not what Bush said. –Since when did that man’s rhetoric become the standard?! We all know W was incompetent in debate.

The attempted assassination of HW was another reason for war. But neither the Israelis nor did HW want to be considered a causes belli.

It has nothing to do with whether you like George HW Bush we cannot have former CICs subject to assassination. Harm Billy Clinton and its war. 

Clinton treated the 1st WTC bombing as a police matter which is why the FBI Director delayed his terror report until W came into office see



The casual visitor to New Ruskin may have wondered about a few strange things going on.  For example I assume others know my site.   

Too prove that it is not my imagination I have Pys Ops and Intel Ops two chapters (top left of the home page) documenting many contacts with them.



Mrs. Billy Clinton is the perfect candidate for the Liberals: a stone wall.  She does not reason, debate, persuade, like them she holds the party line.

#Rachael_Maddow  said “there was no purchase of uranium.” Yet the report, confirmed by Wilson, was an interest in purchasing yellow cake.

But #Rachael_Maddow would rather pound sand than reason.  Wilson was an adverse witness yet he reported the Iraqi trade delegation. 


It is just these businesses small startups that do most of the hiring which are starved for capital who are most disadvantaged that #Sen_Warren supports. 

#Sen_Elizabeth_Warren, a Harvard Professor, knows all this, knows too the people, yet does not hesitate to play on their ignorance: Trickle Down

When the debt is paid down the Treasury Bills are paid off and that money Trickles Down back into the economy and those most in need are funded.

For the Wave Theory tell us where the money goes next: those business that have been waiting for funding are now next in line at the loan window.

#Sen_Grassley, when the Government gives the bondholders back there money that money “Trickles Down” back into the economy.   

Thus Sen. Grassley deplores the idea of raising taxes to pay down the debt because “it takes capital out of the economy” --he knows nothing.

If you do not think money circulates in waves in the economy then there is no need to pay down the debt; that money does not recirculate back.

Trickle Down is a short hand for the Wave Theory of Economics. For example Kondratieff Wave is the best known but there are many applications. 


Counselor:  Attack! Oh, my and they were your heroes just yesterday! HW is the father of JEB your candidate.  --- Well perhaps, criticism.

Speaking of school vouchers in Lecture Hall I have posted my attack on the elitists Dr. Krauthammer & GHW Bush & his position on vouchers.

But lack of room should not be a problem for it is true that free markets tend to produce surpluses; so in education as everywhere else.

School vouchers should be accepted as payment in full and if there is not enough room then random selection only should be used.


How could you read Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue by John McWhorter if it were not read to you? Forget German & M.E.; Hopi?

Yes Sir! $15,000 per student in Baltimore City (30 per class is $450k) & they can’t afford 5 easy payments to buy 30 Kindle Fire HDXs?

In one of the episodes of The Wire a classroom is shown papers strewn over the floors no indication that $450,000 is the standard funding.


The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is now available for $75.00 in 5 payments from Amazon, books, talking books, music, internet, films at your fingertips.


Ramsi Yousef is a legend created by Iraqi Intelligence with disinformation planted in the Kuwaiti Archives during the occupation, he was an agent.  

Ramsi Yousef’s plan to simultaneously bring down 11 planes was passed on to KSM, but the 1st WTC alone would have justified the overthrow.

All of this has been reported in depth by #Laurie_Mylroie in The War Against America.  Too bad W didn’t read.  Then why challenge public opinion?

When Ramsi_Yousef was arrested for the 1st WTC, KSM lost his bomb builder and had to change their plot, Bojinka, and it morphed into 2nd WTC.

Haruki Ikegami was cut in half by Yousef’s bomb in a plane, which was a test to bring down a half dozen over the Pacific,his coconspirator was KSM.

 Conservatives are too limited, even WF Buckley Jr said Yousef was Saddam’s agent for the 1stWTC attack but missed the connection to the 2nd.

There were millions of reasons to overthrow Saddam Hussein, 8million Israelis, 28million Iraqis, reason number 36,000,001 was #Ramsi_Yousef.


Liars? Chris Matthews claims nuclear weapons were the reason. Yet the only intelligence was the interest in purchasing “yellow cake” .


Who will you get to fight for you in the future if you betray them like this?  You would not take responsibility, you traitors, liars, & cowards.


Liberalism prevents you from “imposing” a government on Iraq, then it prevents stationing troops, then it prevent putting down counter revolution Isis


Now pause & reflect that as Zhou Enlai said of the French Revolution it is too soon to say its meaning, so democracy in Iraq still may kindle & flame.


Having toppled the old regime no new regime was ready to put in its place & improvisations were done because “we can’t impose on them.”


Clearly if the allies knew creation of democracy over a period of years! was the plan they should have written the constitution in London.


At the time I complained that if the rally point was not to be a strong man (an American General) or Chalabi then preparations were missing.



Pathetic. I said at the time that there were millions of reasons to depose Saddam  Hussain, then the rally point was changed to democracy . . . . 

It is not hypothetical it is impossible!  Yet they go on about it like bereaved mothers who imagine all the possibilities of what might have been.


Counselor: Who is they? –Our elites.  For example, ‘if you knew then what . . .’ a logical impossibility yet for them it is a worthy subject.


Such low brow little twits, they run this country into the ground but continue to play their idiotic verbal games on the editorial pages.


Disrespectful, too personal, sexist, --“If you can’t take the heat . . . .” Chris Matthews whining  about racism in every criticism of Obama.   



How is it that to call it “religion” is to put it beyond discussion or critical review? Even when they are killers! Oh, it’s their religion! Fools.  



“Don’t trash their religion.” What idiotic platitudes. They are killing little girls who want to go to school, who is trashing Islam?  You asses.  


“Mustn’t criticize other people’s religions” Bull shit!  Why allow conservative Muslims to define what Islam is? O’Reilly, Sen. Paul, cowards. 



Thus conservative Muslims far from being the righteous among the Muslims are the lost, confused & misdirected, as with Christians. 


For conservative Muslims a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, is not just a depiction but is Him.  Lost!


Liberal and moderate Muslims can see through the reification of their religion by the conservatives so for them cartoons are cartoons.


And it is this moral-religious blindness that pervades the totality of conservative Muslim’s thinking thus: death for adultery, renunciation, etc.  


Liberal Christians know the Bible is a book. Conservative Muslims still think the Qur’an itself in the literal word of God they can’t see through it.   


Counselor: I’m not mocking.  –OK, liberal Christians know the word of God is not in the bottle of piss, it is just paper & ink & glue they see through it.


I can’t believe that we have to engage at this basic level.  Counselor: Well not everyone is as advanced as you please explain. – mocking!



The NYT called #Pam_Geller an agent provocateur!  OH that is terrible. So what she brought death on herself? Let her die? Provoke the enemy!


The #Pam_Geller question should not be causing so much trouble, she does not deserve death.  That’s all you need to say.  Got it stupid?


How come he gets away with it? Counselor: What?  What if I said “a deliberate attempt to take down the foundation”?  Counselor: Paranoid?  -Man!


#Chris_Matthews supported #Bush in #Iraq in 2003 after Congress and UN votes then turned traitor calling it “Bush’s war” now turns on #Geller.


The WSJ here as with Global Warming must master facts, make critical judgements, and follow logical reasoning to its conclusion, Geller is right.

They are our intellectual enemies, and they have already declared war on us.  Not only is #Chris_Matthews  a traitor he is a coward. 

They support forced marriages, genital mutilation, death for free speech, death for change of faith, for any number of “crimes”,  fools.

We do not intend to live peaceably with conservative Muslims, we intend to mock them, and ridicule them at every turn for they are pigs.

Both have many moving parts.  The Pope does not stand for taking girls as sex slaves, beheading, slaughter, etc. but yes we can cartoon him.

WSJ on Fox says “we wouldn’t do this to the Pope” blaming #Pam_Geller for CAUSING the attack. Last week global warming was not real.

They are so bad.  Counselor: Who’s so bad?  -Matthews, Fowler, the other numbskulls blaming Pam Geller for almost being killed by terrorists.



We all depend on those who preceded us. We cannot build the buildings, plant the trees, design the factories, that we require to live our lives.  



I challenged this absurd claim and criticized Russert for putting the man on the air, Russert called him back and cross examined him, excellent.


Tim Russert had a New Orleans guest saying a friend’s mother was on the phone begging for help but the Feds did not come & she drowned.

Mrs. Billy Clinton claiming that Republicans favor “second rate” status for immigrants is unfair, Scott Walker on Tuesdays favors citizenship.


We dodged a bullet there Nixon and Mrs. Clinton! Though if then I suppose she would have been Mrs. Huckabee. Huckabee as President. 2/2


I wish she would stop wearing those little emperor suits.  Counselor: You’re not supposed to comment . . . --- She used to be a Republican!  1/2

Most readers assume scientists will do “what’s best for Earth” not realizing that many Harvards have political prejudices for Artificial Clouds.


Scientists who know but do not support the deployment despite the damage being done the sea level rise, and the data that could be obtained. 

I suppose the most important point for the average reader is to know that there are a group of scientists who know about Artificial Clouds.

There is no reason why we should not start development of stratospheric Artificial Clouds and research into SRM, we need to start both now.

The small, .5% reduction in solar radiation, suggests that a stratospheric experimental Artificial Clouds would reduce solar gain & provide data. 

Dr. Benford’s paper at our Global Warming Institute :   estimates a .5% reduction solar gain would counter Global Warming.

The damage is not going to happen in a 100 years, it is happening right now, right now the Flora is being stressed, the Fauna is forced to adapt, now!

Harvard does ask for funding for research but not with the urgency with witch NewRuskinCollege asks for funding because they do not believe in it.

So the Harvards have withheld their talents and allow Global Warming to run a pace the N. A. forests are dying in the heat Artic is leaking methane.

SRM, Solar Radiation Management, is viewed by the Harvards as the last resort and by me as the first step in control of Global Warming damage.

If you read the Harvard papers on Artificial Clouds you will see I am what they warn against, research SRM now before the demigods get involved! 


The cost of such machines is just a few hundred dollars.  (Plus insurance for theft) These Kindles Fire HDXs would be force multipliers in schools.

Not every student needs a Kindle Fire HDX8.9 64GB. Most students need only 12GB as they can upload new material anytime they are near a wi-fi .

The Khan Academy discovered that students preferred to have their lectures  at home & work problems at school the opposite of traditional education.  

In USA Kindle Fires could replace textbooks, (it would cost less idiots), students could take video tutorials at home and work problem in school.

European youth are unemployed and have nothing to do, yet with Kindle Fires they could learn eg coding, by passing the establishment.

It used to be scholars had to locate near libraries now libraries can be contained inside an Amazon Kindle Fire devise weighing just 13 oz.

These Kindle Fire are all that one needs. Mine has a Bluetooth keyboard to write papers in response, books, the whole class in your hand.

My Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 64GB is well stuffed with books music films yet on Amazon’s Cloud still more is held awaiting my click; it is wondrous.


The Evangelicals do not seem to realize they are the minority protected by the Republican Majority; it is the case of the tail wagging the dog.

The Party is to be trounced; we have better foreign policy, business, social, policy, we should have better technology but our backward lookers . . .

Republican traitors paving  the way for Mrs. Billy Clinton by doing those things they ought not to do and not doing those things they had ought to do.

The last thing they want is to put those children in in those schools; a curriculum of peace,  justice, change, who are we kidding --- unteachable.

The decision of #Baltimore to close the schools is right up there with the USA decision to disband the Iraqi Army & for similar reason complete contempt.  

#Rachel_Maddow claims the video of #Brown in the store had nothing to do with what followed, yet the officer IDed Brown based on that robbery.

Ornithologists use small rocket propelled nets to collect large groups of birds.  Similarly the police could capture large groups of rioters with nets.


#Rachel_Maddow  attacked the author, #The_Cycle refuses to discuss, what do they think? The #Clintons need us? Don’t they know, they need 50.1%?

Even #Clinton supporters say the Clintons must respond to #Schwiezer’s book but #The_Cycle does not think it worthy of a “full segment” -----credibility lost

Now #The_Cycle says #Schweizer “has a problem”, because he does not have “evidence” that Mrs. Billy Clinton “took action”, note acquiescence not enough.   


It is not enough for #Schweizer to uncover unreported foreign payments , to show Billy Clinton’s income jumped 6x also he must produce the “smoking gun.”


#Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton flack, talking like a jail house lawyer criticized #Schweizer for not showing a quid pro quo: see


#Stephanopoulos’ criticism was you can’t get  an indictment which was what Governor McDonnell said before he was convicted. ABC for Clinton!

#Jennifer_Rubin in The Phony Quid Pro Quo Standard said everything I was going to say . . . Counselor: . . ..  - everything only better than I could. Ok?

I hear it said that Elizabeth Warren cannot get elected, perhaps this should be taken  that she should moderate her views, learn from the people?


When Putin bought Mrs. Billy Clinton was silent and did not object, exactly, how much did this silence and acquiescence cost Putin?  $100M.

Billy Clinton & Giustra coordinated trip to  Kazakhstan, uranium concessions, for $31m in foundation but did not discuss Mrs. Billy’s acquiescence? 

The Clintons were asked a direct question by the NYT if they had met with Kazatomprom  at their Chappaqua home. They lied saying no. They had. 


Clearly the failure of the Clinton to file proper tax returns on foreign donors was not as per Carville an “over sight” by these Yale lawyers but a calculation.

Mrs. Billy Clinton has her brother Tony Rodham put on the board of directors of the mining company VCS because why? Haiti reconstruction?