Tweets Note Book #1

Note Book #1

Detailed discussion of Obama health care and exclusionary zoning and building codes and the "Triumph of the City" when developers are allowed to build.  Obama called nuclear weapons "too terrible to use" thus undermining our nuclear policy.  Ferguson also figures in the tweets and the attempted frame of the officer.       

Index of Note Book #1:


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  • Dear Mr. Vice President, my fellow Republicans! I tell you Sir! They will argue like scholars over their stock portfolios, but would have slept through the Sermon on the Mount.

“Black Lives Matter” shows the shallow & dissipated arrogance now demonstrated by the role of LBJ in Selma; that cannot admit Whites matter.   

In San Francisco the demonstrators regularly close Market Street where all the bus lines terminate but do nothing about on ramps used by rich.

The Bay Area demonstrators blocked the traffic on the bridge with a Palestinian flag, then allowed the West bound lanes, i.e. the rich, to go home. 

6% USA GDP is $1t a year or 18 years plus interest to pay off the National Debt.  As it goes down the businesses on the margin for loans get them.

Germany spends 11%GDP on Medical Care the USA 17% this gives Germany 6%GDP to spend on education or R&D an economic boost.

With the debt it works the same way, we save the people 6%GDP in medical spending & and we raise a VAT tax of  same amount they off set. . . .

Counselor: We aren’t taxing the rich? –Exactly, unless we impose wage and price controls the rich simply pass on taxes, this is what it means to be rich.

Money is fungible so a tax on the “rich” acts like a VAT tax collected by the “rich” from their customers of their goods or services. Germany’s 11% GDP. .  . 

Counselor: I don’t see how reducing the amount paid on medical care could result in a lower national debt? Suppose we spend what Germany spends?

To begin paying down the 18t in debt we need to start by balancing the budget. The first step . . . ( –“A college of one”– #Gingrich)

The Republicans should accept #Obama’s $320b in new taxes. Deficit is +$500b. Let the Dems take the heat for the rise in taxes. Balance budget.  

May seem I am having it both ways: inflation but no effect on dollar. Inflation would be local in poor areas which is arguably where you want it.

There is a war in Islam between Conservative & Liberal -Counselor:  You already said this. –& I going to keep saying it, Liberals need our help.

Counselor: You blame her--- We are all tired of him & his scandals and her covering up for him the abused wife, the disgrace, just go away.

Counselor: You’re putting words in my mouth I’m more concerned about those girls than you. –Just some fun. Counselor: At the Jews expense.

Counselor: So here we go again you and Ken Starr. –The girls were under age!  Counselor: They were tlikes girls, khone. –Ah, Yiddish, I understand.  

I don’t think there is a mother or a daughter who has organized a large wedding who will believe a procuress simply shows up as a “friend of Bills.”

You want me to believe Mrs. Billy #Clinton didn’t know the procuress for #Epstein and her husband was invited to her daughter’s wedding? Ok.

Increase the money supply because food stamps are a kind of money but not diminish the dollar particularly on international markets.

Counselor: But you wanted inflation. –It would increase the money supply and make it easier for the poor to pay off their debts. $ value stable.

The Chinese had an iron specie too heavy for long transactions but used locally to augment silver and gold, food stamps would not affect the $.

That is what the Fed wants: inflation. Counselor: They want inflation? –But they always create money from the top why not on Main Street.

Counselor:  But it can’t be that simple? –Why not, we need big bankers? Counselor: Well, yeah, and wouldn’t it be inflationary? –Yes?

If the Central Bankers want to create money why not create food stamps for the bottom 25%?  Just turn on the printers and let them run?  

#Clinton @ #Epstein’s Caribbean fuck palace, the procuress  at his daughter’s wedding, photo with 2 prostitutes, nothing amiss Howy Kurtz? 

If your moral reasoning does not allow you to distinguish a cluster of cells from a pile of corpses can it still be called reasoning? Or moral?

There is no 3rd way. Capitalism & Socialism & that is it. My understanding of public administration is it makes way for capitalism to work.

I say “take in” new people only if we can build. Build what the market wants. If the capitalists want 20 story buildings then we build to 20.

California has taken in legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and could take in 10% of 50m or half of Mexico’s increase to the year 2050.

Pete Wilson fortified the State’s southern border the counter measure was to tunnel or go to Arizona,& if e-Verify ,law would have prevailed.

Everyone thinks the Stupid Party has lost California but the people of California are hungry for growth & tired of Democrat’s anti-growth policy.

I renewed my Party membership & was asked “what is your occupation?” “Retired” was my reply. “And you are still helping us?” The stupid Party.

Be thankful Americans that you live next to #Mexico and not the #Middle_East.  Mexico has its problems but nothing like the problems of #jihadism.

Now the #French know what it is to be #Israeli. It’s not housing, #East_Jerusalem; any #Palestinian leader who agree to peace would be killed. 

But of course taking from the poor is easy taking from the rich is more difficult:  for Congressmen to tell medical corporations to profit  less. 

Why reform state intervention in the market by taking from the poor their housing subsidies?  Take from the rich their control over planning

Why always reform the state intervention in the market by taking from the poor their housing subsidies?  Why not taking from the upper class their control over planning?

But they got the publicity they wanted so everyone look at them, the hateful few, the backwards, the politicians with no future, take a look at them.

So the votes are in and the cud chewing crackpot minority vicious immigrant hating Gay bashing know nothing knuckleheads did not replace the speaker.  

And see what hold the gospel of “free enterprise” has on #Lou_Dobbs that love of money, showing a savings of a $1trillion a year means nothing to him.

The evidence is in #Lou_Dobbs simply chooses to ignore it. His TV program consists of himself & talking hand puppets stupidly repeating the unlearned dogma. 

When you look around the world who controls medical costs most effectively?  “Free enterprise” USA or every other developed nation who also lead in quality?

This is actually happening in San Francisco yet #Lou_Dobbs intoxicated by the rhetoric of  “free enterprise” willfully ignores the facts of control.

Planners force 3 story buildings where the market wants 12 story buildings,prices&rents rise 15% in a year where the market would have them level.

#Lou Dobbs avoids details and speaks in broad generalizations,(“socialism”),because he cannot maintain the myth of “free enterprise” in housing.

Then he compares health care to housing and calls them both “free enterprise.” Yet I have shown that neither is “free” & he ignores.

Lou Dobbs asserts “health care is not a right,” as if he had demonstrated his thesis. Is it indisputable? No it is the very subject of debate which he avoids.

For example prominent in their number is Rep. #Steve_King whose vicious views on immigration are not accepted in the Party & so he slashes #Boehner.

#Boehner’s opponents are a crack pot minority among 246 #U_S_House_Republicans. They gain attention with disruption,a cheap publicity stunt.

They want to savage the Gays? Perhaps they agree with #Paul_Ryan but want more than 20% reduction why not 50%? Who knows what agitates them.

They have nothing to offer, no papers, no books, (search!), they want #Boehner to “fight” but for what actual Law or proposal they don’t know.

#Gohmert & #Yoho offer themselves to replace Speaker #Boehner and they have 12 maybe 14 votes. And what great principle is involved? Their egos.

Goldwater warned the Party not to persecute Gays it was against our principles of individual liberty and free choice, in your heart you know he’s right.

Unfortunately once again, as in civil rights, the Courts appear to lead the Party to the obvious conclusion that the Party of Lincoln should have lead them to. 

These times come in the life of a Party.  Honest disagreement, once tolerated, can no longer be so, debate ends and a decision is reached.

The Republican Party Platform will have to be changed to welcome our Gay brothers and sisters into the Party! Object? Then follow Huckabee here’s your hat.

It is 2015 and silence is no longer acceptable; Mr. George Will, Mr. Charles Krauthammer you can not be a Republican and not stand for the rights of the Gays.

The Republican Party must now divide on the  issue of recognizing the rights of Gay Americans.  Huckabee has promised to leave, he should.

The idea is to turn the safety net into a safety ladder, so the bottom 25% can make their way out.  The poor are always with us but they needn’t starve. 

Socialism is the state ownership of the means of production.  But Republican yahoos use it the way Lefties use Fascist. An all purpose insult.

Over ten years can we afford going from $700 billion to $1,200 billion? From helping the bottom 15% to the 25%.  A question of generosity not SOCIALISM! 

Ooooh! “redistribution”! Idiots! Tell me the fundamental difference between the bottom 15% and the bottom 25%?  You have some empirical standard?

At a macroeconomic scale we know that the top ½ of 1% incomes have grown disproportionately to the national income, what better way to redistribute? 

Why is the food stamp program limited to the bottom 15% of the population?  Why not the bottom 25%? Why only $700 billion over 10 years? 

Attacking poverty from housing, education, job regulations, psychological-social counseling, drug treatment are all considered before starvation.   

If drugs are involved starving them will not make them more rational! Even for these the lowest of the low, the stability of a home can be positive.

What else might we do to motivate food stamp recipients?  Well the whole of our society is a motivator!  Our educational system is a motivator. 

You can do a lot of dog training with $137b in food stamp cuts. You may be thinking “Damn it these people are not dogs!”  Tell that to #Paul_Ryan.

If you withhold food from a dog in punishment the dog becomes attentive.  Then when you feed it in its starved condition it is much more responsive.

 #Paul_Ryan admires #Murray and shares his view that the poor are poor because they have low cognitive ability but can be trained like dogs.

But computer assisted education is important because all students are not “equal;” some learn quickly some more slowly, each at his own pace, this is a given.

#Murray & #Herrnstein seemed to enjoy the fact that computer assisted education did not “even the playing field” as if “equality” was the only point.

In their book #Murray & #Herrnstein seemed eager to show that the cognitive elite moved the most rapidly through computer assisted education.

The Laser Disks I wrote about were cutting technology 25 years ago (and still are around the world):  The Math Project: the NewRuskin Project:


New ruskin college project

Math project


It will be recalled that Mr. #Bill_Gates announced several years ago that there was no room in America for B students. What does he have planned for the others?

So in this way we lost 25 years of technology in our schools, the primary reason being the public school monopoly concerned more with teachers than students.

Although now Mr. Gates supports Mr. Khan 25 years ago at the time of the Math and NewRuskin Projects he said, “If you want to learn get a text book.”

Mr. Khan says the technology works a role reversal, at home the technology provides the lecture in class the teacher works the problems.

Today the Khan Academy has an extensive catalog of programed courses and is working with public schools to introduce the technology.

I made these points & President Bush (41) said he “had heard these sophisticated arguments” for why we should act, but was apparently unmoved.

If we had free competition in our schools technology would have developed naturally as a result of predictable consumer demand for quality.

We had a duty to apply technology to education 25 years when I first wrote about it because of the government monopoly that blocked it.

Or rather you can have it both ways as you have had which makes you a Republican rube.  A know-nothing.  A Tory not a Conservative. 

If you do not want to subsidize housing construction then get out of the way and let the capitalists build. You cannot have it both ways.

All of our housing subsidies and food stamps and welfare and etc. etc. can be seen as attempts to make up for past misuses of the state.

When Milton Friedman was asked about this he answered in an exasperated manner

Indeed zoning is just one way the rich seek to control the free market, there are numerous other examples. The rich prefer to avoid risk.   

Once the rich gain control of the state, they can zone the poor out of existence, where the free market might have built housing  for them.

Only the free market protects the poor.  The law protects the rich. If the rich get control of the market they control everything.

You may think ‘you are a damn communist.’ But I do want to explain why as conservatives we have to defend the free market system.

You may well say of course we would evict squatters from a property, it’s the law! And never question that the law always works for the rich!

I discuss Mr. #Paul_Ryan and his singular ideas of helping the dispossessed by starving them in a letter to Elizabeth Warren at:                   

You cannot redirect Mr. Paul_Ryan to other larger budget fiascoes to save money, he wants to cut the food stamps of the famished & penniless. 

This is the important point to remember about Mr. #Paul_Ryan.  He says he is cutting the food stamps specifically for the good of the indigent.

Where would you look to cut spending? $137b in food stamps from the penurious or one trillion above what is spent in Germany and Switzerland?

If he simply wanted to cut spending there is a trillion dollars to be cut from medicine in the USA from 17%GDP to 11% what Germany spends.

#Paul_Ryan knows schools produce failures,the state over regulates, good, but if this knowledge does not inform his action what good does it do?

So what did Mr. #Paul_Ryan’s study achieve?  He ends up in the same place as a knucklehead like O’Reilly.  “Cut off the G… D….  food stamps!”

Just the opposite,fully aware of what they must fight to overcome, Mr. #Paul_Ryan, would add to their woes & take away $139b in food stamps.

Mr.#Ryan for all his knowing feels no duty to aid these victims of the state. He will not or cannot protect them while he liberates them.

A less informed Republican rube could wave this off : “no hard luck stories.”  But Mr. #Ryan knows the schools,  rules, codes are set like traps.

Mr. #Ryan is aware how the rich and powerful manipulate the building and zoning codes to exclude people (the poor) from moving to the city.

Mr. #Ryan knows that the economy is burdened with needless licensing regulations but again there are no consequences. No victims of the state. 

Mr. #Ryan will give fine speeches about our terrible public schools but it appears there is no human wreckage, no one requiring any assistance.

But this is just our complaint with Mr. #Ryan and his fellow Congressmen!  Where is the recovery!  Why take from the poor isn’t this backwards?  

#Paul Ryan proposes taking $137 billion in food stamps from the neediest paupers in America because they are not getting jobs fast enough.

View in Internet Explorer for best results.

Cyber Security is the new Civil Defense.  We need to rally the computer scientists, industry and the individuals to all work together.

Individuals will be affected to the extent their poor security allows their computers to be turned into attack robots by hackers; I.D. reader cost $5.

The #White_House will convene a conference of computer scientists to set a standard for corporate and particularly utility software security requirements. 

Smartphones can continue (they have smart chips) and the teller machines and computers will challenge users with requests for thumb or iris scans.

Everyone will have to step up: banks will have to furnish the new teller machines to accept the new cards, hardware & software makers will have to participate.

Dear Mr. #Obama our response to #North_Korea should be to step up our digital security game.  National Identity Cards with smart chips for example. 

“But when you go talking about destruction, you can count me out”--- THE BEATLES  Revolution No. 1     Counselor:  you’re quoting the Beatles?     Why not I grew up with them.

#MSNBC is ever ready to comply with the Left. This is why their rating are low. In #Ferguson they could have reported on the racism of that “community” the willingness to lie about the pigs.

It is important to the Left for Brown to remain an iconic figure with no personal details. Nothing about his choice of suicide by cop.  Nothing of his family, history, schooling.

#MSNBC’s #O_Donnell insists that the issue is either you believe #Brown “deserved” to die or you agree with him that --- well he has no insight. There is no reporting on Brown.

So #O'Donnell can repeated claim 75 is ½ of 100, or #Bloom can claim #Brown was pulled “by the neck through the pOl-ice car window,” you are lying for a lost cause.     

The #MSNBC talking heads keep telling each other that the matter of Mr. #Brown has not been fully adjudicated. It has. The standard is, is a conviction likely. No!

#Bloom when shown a photo of #Officer_Wilson’s face and the contusion confirming he had been punched which she dismissed. If he were her client what then?

But as I said before #MSNBC’s real problem is they only have on people who agree with them and their narrow views, such as Lisa Bloom, who is an advocate not a scholar.

Or when the #ST._Louis_ County_Chief_of_POl-ice receives an apology non apology from the NFL and comments on it the Left complain it is “unconstitutional.”

You see these Lefties are all for free speech unless the pOl-ice form an association and want to say something about #Ferguson then it’s against the Law.

Reid agreed with a guest that the Representative of the POl-ice Officer’s Association was the only one not “constitutionally” allowed to speak!

MSNBC riot ratings were ¼ Fox and CNN this is because they only talk to one another to people who think like them and there aren’t many.

Just when you think you have heard every idiocy from Fox they sink lower. Does legal status cause traffic accidents? Not conservatives fools.

So “the very rich and the very poor” are taken care of but if you are a “fireman from Toledo no one is looking out for you.” Tucker Carlson. Stop the presses!

See what is before you, that is the hardest thing.  The eyes of the world are on us. Blood has been spilt. Counselor:  Ah, this is from Lincoln.   –Oh, ok.

There is no “objective” position on the #uninsured or #Mexican #Immigrants. You must decide you will let people die, or thrown out, accept responsibility.

First you must decide that a family that has become American should not be torn apart. Challenge the Republicans not simply -“thank you Sir.”

First you must decide that a man and a woman who have lived here for more than five years had 3 American children have become Americans themselves in every meaning of the phrase should not be torn apart and thrown away.  You must challenge the republicans not simply say “thank you Sir.”

First you must have a value system to make sense out of the world, then you can assemble facts and make judgments.  You cannot be value neutral. 

As I said in Wrong  (see ) you can regard your values as the experimental apparatus out of which the facts emerge.

But the Fox personalities are like potted plants when it comes to questioning  Republicans, they have no inner core of values, they serve power.

The Republicans seem to have copied National Review’s policy of “attriting” 12million people only prep school boys could think that acceptable.

Will the Fox personalities ever challenge their Republican puppet masters?  “We’ll deport a family of five with 3 American children,” Thank you Sir.

The Fox personalities appear to be “value neutral” uncaring if 50 million are uninsured or 20,000 die without medical care, “thank you Sir.”

Republican politicians will come on Fox & allow as how Americans who are ill can simply die & the Fox personalities will say “thank you Sir.”

“Potted Plants” that what Fox personalities call MSNBC Reporters, yet look how the Fox personalities handle Republican politicians – “thank you Sir.”

#Tucker_Carlson flipped out over #Obama quoting scripture, (“for I was once a stranger too”), from the Bully Pulpit. What else would one expect?

What do we call the #Mexican #Immigrants who “cut into the front of the line”? Well, we could call them “Sooners”.  Oklahomans who cut in front of the land rush.

#Obama’s No #Deportation Proclamation is within the Law of the #Executive_Branch.  He is not handing out #Citizenship; it is only in term of his Presidency.

#Mark Shields becomes quite sanctimonious about the use of the word “illegal” “no one should be called that” yet does nothing to change the quota. 

Why is the legal quota for #Mexican #Immigrants set at 250k?  How many columns has Mark Shields written about increasing the quota? None.

Increasing legal #immigration by 750k since 2000 would add 10.5million new #immigrants from #Mexico as of 2014.  We are only adding less than 7m.

Between 2000 and 2050 #Mexico’s population will  double to 200 million, if USA takes 50% of the increase it would add 750k to its #immigration quota.

But even with a million #Mexican #immigrants a year Liberal would still complain about the exclusion of the million and first. Because they are dishonest.

As #Mexico’s population increases 2x in 50 years the USA could increase #immigration from 250k to 1m a year and close the boarder by using “E-Verify.”

This is not an active proposal so much as to put the issue into perspective, a thought experiment, the population increase of 100 million is manageable.

#Mexico’s population increase would require Mexico to build 100% more highways, schools, hospitals, houses in 50 years as its population grows to 200 million.

If the USA took 50% of the population of #Mexico we would only have to build 14% more highways, schools, hospitals, houses in 50 years.   

#Mexico’s population is set to double in next 50 years, the USA could take half or 50 million, we are now only asked to take 5m not even a stretch.

If the Vatican can have showers for the homeless why cannot San Francisco’s Market Street, or Tenderloin, is the Vatican more Liberal?

George Will’s use of Gruber’s recanted statement when all his models assumed subsidies for Federal Exchanges, challenges his credibility.  

One can watch four silly women, dresses to the thigh, cleavage as best they can, playing at journalism on Fox or turn to Andrea Mitchell and see the real Journalism.

Fox is not Conservative, there is too much leg and cleavage, too much arrogance, it is some kind of right wing entertainment-carney show. 

Fox response to criticism: Just have people on who agree with them.  Oh, that is ‘fair and balanced’ and great TV too.  Fox alone is right everyone else is wrong.

To paraphrase  President Kennedy when Conservatives make incremental change impossible they make Rad-Lib change inevitable.

Gruber isn’t the under reported story, the failure of Republicans to reform health care that gives the likes of Grubers to enter is the unreported story.

In Switzerland they have their “solidarity” or union, in the other a strong bond, in America: when I wrote I planned to kill myself O’Reilly said I should.

Germany and Switzerland provide universal coverage for 11% GDP Japan 8% Taiwan 6% but the USA not for love of money can do it at 17%. 

It is often noted that countries that have national health care for all are homogeneous.   Americans do not care if other Americans live or die.

Fox personalities appear almost gleeful that Obama Care is to be repealed with nothing to replace it.  They have no heart for the people.

And this is just the problem isn’t it.  The people at Fox are in income brackets over 100k or above 92% of the people so they do not know and do not much care. 

But now we know O’Reilly did not know that $22k was 81% of the median $28k individual income.  In my worst year I was still 81% but O’Reilly was so out of touch he did not know.

O’Reilly wasn’t interested in the blackball, the IRS unlawful disclosure, or going to court for $22k, he said “you’re not trying if you are only making $22k” 

That year, blackballed by several employers, I only earned $22k yet the IRS took me to court yet folded and settled on the first day of trial.

I reported to the IRS that Illigals from the North were not paying their taxes.  See the IRS disclosed my name to my employer.

What do the Republicans and their Fox cheerleaders have to offer? Health Savings Accounts? Are you kidding?  A family of four with $54k?  (Laughter)  

California’s labor force was characterized by “some college,” today it is characterized as “some high school.” Not stagnant, down, down, down, in real terms.

One Fox mouth piece said house hold income is stagnant.  In 1999 it was $57k today it is $54k down in real terms before 15 years of inflation are accounted!

O’Reilly what is the medium income?  No don’t look it up! Tell me now!  Less than $28k. Half the people earn less.  What the baise does Fox say to them?

Without a script the Fox personalities do not know what is happening.  O’Reilly admitted that he had no idea that 73% of Americans earn less than $50k. What planet has he been living on?

It is difficult to take in what simpletons the Fox on air personalities can be. No one has written anything for them about the suffering of the uninsured.

Gruber has a low opinion of the people as radical do. Yet Fox and its Republican puppet masters would let tens of millions go without insurance, or be rescinded.

Fox goes on and on about Obama Care yet what was their alternative, the Republican had nothing.  I proposed Assigned Risk policies, beside that nothing.

Nancy Pelosi says she does not believe in “incremental change” because she wants radical change.  Why is this? Because she does not like the way the people live.

Of course Lib-Rad Professors have a low opinion of the people that is why they are Lib-Rads. We like the people that is what makes us conservatives.

So as I understand Fox if a Lib-Rad Professor like Gruber tells the truth about how he feels about the people I have to give up my health care?  Oh, yeah that make sense.

Is it voodoo health care?  Germany and Switzerland have hundreds of insurance cos. rationalized to provide superior service at lower cost. Efficiency!  

Reducing health care spending by 6%GDP, from what USA spends 17% to 11%, doesn’t reduce quality, Germany and Switzerland have higher quality. 

Some may be saying but it still is a trillion dollars a year where is it going to come from. Ah, if we save 6% GDP on health care that is $1 Trillion.

The last time I wrote  like this Greenspan came out on camera and cautioned against paying down the  National debt too fast.  Too Fast!

Put those crony capitalists back out on the street, give them their money back and tell them to go back to work meeting the urgently felt needs of the consumers.

For we are not simply bring down the Debt we are liberating capital, $18 Trillion now put to work in our factories meeting the urgent needs of the consumers.

Most talk about paying down the National Debt as some onerous obligation.  I bring you the good news, the transfer of money from consumption to capital will expand the economy employment will rise.

These lazy capitalists are protected from the vicissitudes of the market by the government and let the IRS do the work.   If this isn’t crony capitalism what is?

The buyers of these Treasury Bills do not have to stay up late at night trying to discover which capital goods will most effectively meet the needs of the consumer.

Behind the Treasury Bills are the taxed capital goods and citizens of the Republic.  So Mises’ dictum holds the Treasury Bill are not untethered capital.  

Ludwig von Mises taught as dictum that there is no such thing as capital there are only capital goods.  But the Treasury Bills give the illusion of capital without capital goods.

Paying down the debt liberates locked or hidden capital and puts it to work meeting the needs of the most productive. This is trickle-down economics. 

Let’s have no talk about not taking “that much out of the economy.”  It’s not “out of the economy” it’s moving from one place to another.

Suddenly business in back of the business loan line move to the loan window.  And who are they?  Small businesses.  Who does most of the hiring?

What would happen if we started injecting $250 Billion every quarter back into the economy?  What would the Lazy Capitalists do with their money?

It’s not just that we owe 18 Trillion but we  have 18 Trillion just sitting around instead of being productive in the economy. Call it lazy.

While the Lazy Capitalist held treasuries he did not have to work at meeting the needs of the consumers just sit back and let the IRS collect his interest.

For every dollar paid on the National Debt goes not just back into the economy,  but back into meeting the consumer’s needs.

You have heard of Lazy Labor, especially if you listen to Rush or watch O’Reilly, but you don’t hear about Lazy Capital, protected outside the market.

The 18 trillion dollars in national debt can be seen as debt or as capital waiting to be released into the economy. I call it Lazy Das Kapital for it is protected from the market.

San Francisco is supposed to be liberal and Houston conservative but the later supplies affordable housing and the former does everything it can to block it. (Glaeser, Triumph of the City)

Some might think this is a local SF problem. But recall Mrs. Billy Clinton’s recent comments about “trickle down economics.” The National fallacy is built on lots of local fallacies.

What is the SF Republican Party? A group of lawyers who like seeing their names, going to conventions, but as for meeting with citizens groups, persuading them to build! Not so much.

SF Republicans are self-righteous to oppose government building housing.  Did they try to organize renters in a city of 70% renters with support for building? NO, nothing. 

Some may ask why should government as in Prop K to build 30k housing  units?  This is what comes from blocking private developers. But Republicans do not object to down zoning or height limits. 

In previous tweets I asked why would Obama test a nuclear armed Israel on Iran. Now we may have the answer, hate.  Unreasonable, unthinking:  anti-Semitism. 

In addition to dismissing their opponents with vulgar slurs, name calling, both Obama and MSNBC have extremely low ratings, probably for that very reason. 

The anonymous Obama senior official who called the Israel Prime Minister a “coward” and “chicken shit” reminds of MSNBC hosts’ “chicken hawks.” Same mentality. 

Republicans even refused to endorse putting lights on athletic fields in western Golden Gate Park now used mainly for camping homeless.  Saving electricity? No just flipping off the people.

Republicans rejected Prop K to build 30k units. The argument against “we are built out.”  Is Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai “built out?” The Republicans just give up. 

Other Building & Zoning Codes limit building foot prints and heights. Private Enterprise will want to maximize its investment but city planners seek to block projects. 

The homeless:  are they homeless because they are mentally ill or are they mentally ill because they are homeless.  Have you ever been homeless?  Then what do you know you dumb baise.

Why do city planners exclude small units?  Because they do not like the people who live in small units.  That’s right.  Those homeless men.  You dumb baises.  Excuse my French.

An example of Building & Zoning Exclusionary Codes is the minimum requirement that units be 1,200 or even2,400 sf. If you can only afford 400 sf you are excluded.

The odds that the Ebola virus would find the .o1 micron aperture in the N95 matrix and not fold or twist or be covered in vomit or mucus and slide in are so close to zero as to make no difference.

On review the N95 is ok. Counselor: So the CDC got something right?  Look they were the ones who said surgical masks were ok.  The odds Ebola getting through are low.

American workers pay between 2&10% of income for health insurance which they lose when they lose their job. (Most cannot afford the COBRA premiums.)

No nation but Britain, China, and Cuba have more SOCIALIZED medicine than the USA’s Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran’s Hospitals.  

German workers pay 15% into their Social Security & Medical program (employers paying ½) same as USA but USA workers also must by health insurance in addition to Medicare.

Germany far from being SOCIALIZED medicine has 200 insurance co. competing for customers spending 11% of GDP instead of the USA’s 17%, 6% of USA GDP is huge. 

Correction: If folded the Ebola would be caught by the N95 disposable respirator but if not folded it would slip by like a piece of cooked spaghetti.

The folded Ebola is only 160 nm wide and would go through the N95 like a piece of cooked spaghetti going through your mouth, that is the size differential.

Max Weber said that those of us involved in government will always be parvenus.  We are always studying everything for the first time because we have to study everything.

The CDC disposable N95 respirator stops particles of .1-.03microns, but Ebola is 972 nm long and 80 wide, that’s nanometers, 1,000 times smaller than a micron.

Rudy Giuliani spouting off about other countries SOCIAIZED medicine. I just hate when people don’t know what they are talking about. Counselor: . . . . .  What?

The crime?  Interference with State Emergency. “The survival of the State is the greatest good.” WF Buckley, Jr. quoting a Roman saying.

She thought it clever to autoclave the trash and waste and I would have put handcuffs on the owners and operators and perpwalked them to jail.

Difference between Rachel Maddow & me can be seen in her admiration of how the hospitals dealt with refusal of landfill to accept ash waste.

Why does Rachel Maddow suppose people who have only been “near” the suspected Ebola positive subject are screened? She doesn’t know.

I hasten to add that the President was referring to another woman not his wife or present company in a whisper to Mr. Bradlee. (Conversations with Kennedy)

“Charlie Uncle Nan Ter”-Jack “What was that dear, I couldn’t quite hear you?”-Jackie “. . .”-Jack “Dear, what was that?”-Jackie -----Ben Bradlee, Conversation with Kennedy

Those paper masks being handed out for Ebola are useless.  Ebola is a virus, it is very small, much smaller than the matrix of the paper mesh.

Ashoka Mukpo said he had been infected when a patient coughed on him.  African health workers do not use HEPA filters they are 1 in 20 of all dead.

Ebola cannot be aerosolized, no sir, not according to Rachel Maddow, who took 1st in Biology? Not. The workers just like breathing through HEPA filters. Right.

 is the Fruitvale area around the BART station.  Formerly a urban slum it is turning into a bright barrio- if only there were more apartments.

Height Asbury was low rent for the hipsters in the 60s because the Italians moved out on the freeways to the suburbs to commute lifestyle. Ya, ya, ya, . . .

What does the Republican Party have to say about any of this?  Well if you can’t pay the 15% rent hike get out of town you “jealous loser” you want a “government hand out.”

This down zoning vote and then purchase of buildings was so obviously egregious that in Sacramento the Feinstein Act was passed to prevent others from doing the same.

They were not all illiterates.  Feinstein after casting her SF Supervisor’s vote for a height limit on apartment building then bought several.

But here in SF you have the 15% rents & the Radical Left Academic, Journalist, Activists, Politicians, and City  Bureaucracy all united in blaming free enterprise.

For example they propose to rehab The Tender Loin, a drug slum in down town, without raising property values. They are such illiterates in economics they have no clue.

The Radicals hope the popular opinion will be that markets do not work the people forgetting the myriad ways the Radicals themselves have blocked housing.

The Radical professors teach this policy in the schools of Public Administration.  They heighten the contradictions.  Obviously this policy reaches a natural limit. 

The rents in SF & Oakland are up 15% this year.  The policy has been business over residential because the former produces taxes and no demands on services.

Look see I told you about them, 34,500 New Yorkers are too crazy to have guns!  Counselor:  I don’t think you want to go there. . . Oh, I see,  ok . . .

Where are the ideas in health care?  2x is spent on care yet of 29 industrial nations we are 29th in care of curable conditions (T.R. Reid Healing America)

“The Party of ideas” Senator Moynihan said when I wrote about laser disks in education but he was referring back to Gilder, Murray, Friedman.

I’m learning what teachers have known all along, all your old jokes and saying can be brought out and used afresh each with each year’s new crop.

So the Party is stuck as a base party only concerned with the status quo, thus e.g. no health care proposal, and in theory a Party committed to real reform.

Can it still be the party of free enterprise if it never stands up for free enterprise?  E.G.  what would happen to home values if schools were truly open to all comers?

Let’s be clear insurance cos. are not exemplars of free enterprise.

Republicans do not challenge San Francisco anti growth height limits (3 stories in many areas), even near BART stations, even on 4 and 6 lane boulevards. No dissent. 

Did the Republican Party in the home of the Democratic Party on the Left Coast  show natives how their no growth policies have led to their undoing? No.

How many are saying homeless men can’t afford to live in new 45 story buildings on Geary.  This is because you don’t believe in trickledown economics. 

Republicans pioneered “voucher” schools but when a compromise called “charter” schools was proposed rather than declaring victory they chose defeat.

What do the Republicans have to offer the people of California, lower taxes, and ah, and  . . . freer building codes, no, affordable health care, no no no no

It is not free enterprise that limits buildings to 3 stories in the most desirable locations in San Francisco.  It is government coercion. Where are the Republicans?

 Could the homeless afford a room in 25 story building  that is not how the free market works.

Homelessness is a solution, your exclusionary zoning  and building codes were designed to keep these me away from you.  They succeeded.  Not free market, zoning.

There are groups like SPUR but they are as insular as every other group. They know me, as many of you do but they pretend not to.  HEPA filters at 38,000 ft.!

Baier of Fox failed to ask the “housing activists” if they now, facing eviction & homelessness would accept tall buildings?  The answer would be no.

Bret Baier reports housing crisis in San Francisco but fails to mention Boxer and Feinstein in the 70s and 80s let it remain a little wooden city instead of growing.

Senator Boxer would sell herself to a small group of medical malpractice attorneys for contributions.  General damages do not limit wages, care, special needs 

California set $250k general damages limits on medical malpractice & one attorney complained but when asked how many cases he had he admitted none.

I made my new counselor cry. Counselor: that’s an accomplishment.  I think it was the cancer of the prostate but it could have been the tweets about  nuclear war.

Did I say first victims? I meant first scientists. I have a lot of discussion of Ebola at New Ruskin  Visit & use Google Search Box.

Recall that Ebola was first called Marburg virus as the researchers at Marburg were its first victims. Then the specialist in tropical diseases at Yale University.

Dear Mr. President, I saw a book about you, The Amateur, that’s what they call me too, we have that in common, how about that, Mr. President, Sir . . .?

Everyone loves to hate HMOs but ask doctors what it was like before them and they will agree medicine has been substantially rationalized because of them.

How will insurance companies compete if assigned risk is evenly distributed, and prices are agreed upon by zip code? Oh, service, convenience, timeliness.

For insurance cos. & doctors to agree on prices isn’t SOCIALISM it is a rationalization to a disorderly system that is twice as expensive as any other country.

Insurance co. have always been highly regulated.  George Gilder describes them as the first welfare state in the book Reagan used to give to Senators.  

Each USA insurance company agrees that agreement must be reached on prices.  They administer prices each year.  It’s just that USA has 100’s of price books.

However, though many countries use private companies & some form of assigned risk, all except USA agree that agreement must be reached on prices each year.

In an assigned risk medical program you can add up the patient’s bills and then evenly distribute the charges. Or are you still trying to get over on the man?

We do not require our dogs to fight to the last bitter end of the struggle of life, we let them off easy, let them go, whisper in their ear, “it’s ok you’re safe, you can go.”  Lucky.

#Matt_Welch didn’t deny his indifference to #Isis taking control of #Iraq. He called for withdrawal of troops from #South_Korea.  His rag is called #Reason.  Ha, Ha

Ideally the nursing staff is in + air pressure suits with HEPA filter & disrobe in a wind tunnel moving from - pressure to + pressure #Ebola particles blown behind to HEPA filters.

+ & - air pressure sound complicated but are easy to achieve by pointing a fan into the room +, point the fan out the room -. HEPA filters  clean the air but are a new vector of contamination. 

I asked Senator Moynihan:  Am I really to think that our fellow citizens will gladly pay for pace makers for men we now suffer to lay in the streets in the cold?

#Matt_Welch can’t see anything wrong with #Isis getting control of the world’s second largest supply of oil, #Iraq.  Little surprise he see nothing of #Iran going #nuclear.   


Imagine flying out of a #Ebola  countries knowing that any one  passenger could stumble past and vomit in your lap.  Then it’s all over. . . Counselor:  Please stop singing. 


#Ebola is not pneumonic but it can be aerosolized (particles of vomit for example can become air born) so a negative air pressure would keep contamination isolated to the sick room


Nurse on TV complaining that at institutes of research work is done in negative air pressure rooms.  What is her point the hospitals are not in negative air pressure? For #Ebola?


Counselor: So here is something you wouldn’t nuke.  Yes, Black Rain for them. Counselor:  What?  You know todays B52 isn’t your grandfather’s B52 Counselor: My Grandfather died in a NAZI Death camp.


#Gutfeld tells conservatives that even telling the truth is no good if you “sound crazy” then calls for rounding up #Isis and nuking them.  I mean they’re not nuke worthy. 


MIKE HUCKABEE: I am utterly exasperated with Republicans and the so-called leadership of the Republicans who have abdicated on this issue when, if they continue this direction they guarantee they’re gonna lose every election in the future....


If the Republicans wanna lose guys like me, and a whole bunch of still God-fearing Bible-believing people, go ahead and just abdicate on this issue, and go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter, either. Because at that point, you lose me, I’m gone. I’ll become an independent, I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand, I’m tired of this.


The Left did not like #George_W_Bush’s success in Iraq.  The liberty of #Iraq. #Obama, a man of the Left now has his chance to take revenge against Iraq and #W.  Isis is his tool.


#W did not have to but did go to Congress and got a bipartisan resolution and even went to the United Nations and got a Resolution, but soon #Democrats called it “W’s war on Iraq.”


How can any #American even think of criticizing #Turkey when our own Comdr. In Chief lets our 10k troops in #Kuwait sit idle and our tank on Diego Garcia collect dust?


The #Democrats called the #Gulf_War_II “#W’s war on Iraq” in a startling show of disloyalty.  Now #Obama pisses away the liberty of the people of #Iraq in a fit.


A combined #USA #Israel attack on #Iran’s_nuke_program will affect the markets, but what will a #nuke strike by Israel on Iran have on the markets?


Won’t Seoul become radioactive? Yes, probably the dust and ash will drift across the city but again I ask why would you want to test Israel?  This is just one scenario.


Now the enemy may reply with a counter strike. (Not #North_Korea or #Iran they do not yet have 2nd strike capability.) Now I will tell you a great secret: our #Nuke_Strategy is to win in minutes.


The point of first use is to make clear to the enemy right from the beginning that they will be wasted.  10,000 artillery tube around Soul? Tell the people to shelter in place. 


#Obama thinks everything he says is true.  So when he says #nukes are “too terrible to use” he thinks they are.  But you and I know he could be, most certainly is wrong.  We share the planet.


I remember Reagan mentioned the “first use of nuclear weapons,” and was roundly criticized by the liberal press.  Who did not then and still do not know that that is USA’s policy.


So your thinking this is convoluted?  But why would #Obama want to test #Israel out?  The facts are simple.  #Iran cannot have a nuke. Iran is too far from Israel. Why test them?


I have heard that surface warfare ships have had their #nukes removed.  This means that in the event of a defense of #South_Korea after an #Israeli nuke strike on #North #7th#Fleet will be crippled. 


In my letter to the Vice President I recommended the President find a commander he could trust, not that the President should be that commander.  An amateur in command.


It is not out of the question that in a war with #Iran #Israel will deploy one of its nuclear armed submarines to #North_Korea if it feels part of  Iran’s nuke program is there.


#Israel cannot attack #Iran’s #nuclear_program on its own without using its own #nukes.  By allowing Iran to go ahead #Obama is giving Israel & the world no other choice but the second nuclear war.    


#Obama on #nuclear_weapons: “too terrible to use.”  By this he undercuts the center piece of our whole defense structure.  Our policy is the first use of nuclear weapons.


I had a #Republican #Health_Plan.  Assigned Risk like we do for cars only for people.  Can’t get health insurance we will assign you to a company just like an auto policy.


Don’t like #Obama_Care?  You should have thought of that before you called it that.  Where was the Republican plan for low these many decades?


Just watching #Mitt_Romney & #Paul_Ryan (R-WI) & thinking why not run the 2012 team in 2016? We need to fix not repeal #Obama_Care who better than former Governor of Mass and budget wiz?


Watching #Mitt_Romney & #Paul_Ryan& thinking  2016? We need to fix not repeal #Obama_Care who better than frmr. Govnr. of Mass.& budget wiz?


#John_Kerry says “step back and see the strategic situation”  beyond the fall of #Kobani.  What else is there but the loss of our only friends the #Kurds?


#Jesse_Jackson, the poverty pimp, says #Thomas_Eric_Duncan’s death show #racism.  What about his failure to say he had just held in his arms a woman dying  #Ebola.  How about that?


St. Louis P. D. was the real P. D. for the fictional Hill Street Blues.  Not much has changed. I know whenever I face injustice I get liquored up and loot and burn down the town.  


Speaking of afflicting the afflicted Andrea Tantaros said we should but cannot cancel the WIC Women’s Infant’s and Children’s program because there is “too much profit in it.”


#C-SPAN caller says he likes #McCain but just could not vote for #Sara_Palin and suddenly I remembered, #Sara_Palin was the Republican Vice President candidate. It wasn’t a night mare. 


What does it profit you to graduate summa cum laude from Princeton and serve in African Affairs during Rwanda and deny genocide taking place, then deny Kosovo genocide, and now Isis.  Do you have a soul left? 


#Panetta telling the truth about #Obama does not shame him? Surprised?  Billy #Clinton not shamed to kill a retarded man #Rector or to bomb a #Somali med plant or do nothing  for #Rwanda genocide.  Where is the shame?


There is a Reformation taking place in the Muslim Religion between the Conservative (Fascists) who take the Karan literally when it says kill Jews and Christians; and Liberal Muslims who do not.


Doctor Strangelove, where are you …now….. that…… we…… need……. you.  Ah!  Good  Dr. Moynihan how good of you to join us.  Welcome. 


#Kobani  siege and fall will not be fault of #Air #Force, #Navy, #Marines air strikes it is the fault of the Comdr. In Chief #Obama. #Liberals in TV, Press, and Academy will deny it.  But the truth will out. 


#Leon #Panetta says #Obama plays it cool and “On occasion he avoids the battle, complains, and misses opportunities.” I realize this sounds simple minded but you kill your enemies.


When I wrote the #VicePresident I warned that we would be condemned by the whole world if we did not have troops to respond to the #Isis ongoing killing rampage.


The Vice President wrote to me. I thought we had a channel of communication.  But it closed down.  Listen to me. I sound like Smiley talking about Karla.


#George_W._Bush in Iraq demonstrated what could be achieved by the people in the Mid-East.  Liberals on TV and the Academy will deny it but ask the people of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria.  


As Commander in Chief you just have to decide that some countries do not deserve to have air forces.  Who are we to decide?  When they use chems and barrel bombs. . .?


Poor #George_W._Bush.  The News and History are written and taught by Liberals.  In Libya, and Syria the people pleaded for #No_Fly_Zones.  They remembered #W.


Federal mandate to sell in States?  So Louisiana Insurance Companies can sell in California?  What happened to States’ Rights?  Louisiana?  Really?  The Big Easy?


My tweets are to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.  Just the opposite of what they do at Fox.  Beckel they can cut your microphone but I still can read your lips. 


One classic benchmark for a national medical system is “avoidable mortality “ --- that is, how well a country does at curing diseases that are curable . A 2008 report by the Commonwealth Fund, “Deaths before Age 75 from Conditions That are at Least Partially Modifiable with Effective Medical Care,” concluded that the United States is the worst of the developed countries on this measure. #429


#Rove on #Susteren  says #Obama only talked to 20 foreign leaders in his most active month. Month not day. Less than one a day.  Can this be right?  Who is at the helm?


US should not be first in fight, as I said, the cavalry comes to the rescue in the third reel, because if the cavalry came to the rescue in the first reel there wouldn’t be a picture.


#Israel cannot stop building houses because Israel is a living breathing place.  Cities have to grow.  People need to live.  The #Palestinian restrictions were just a way to strangle.    


New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes  10-01-2014

The Family Grimmer of Texas

2011 December

Jump to December 10, 2011 – Des Moines, Iowa - The twelfth Republican debate was held in Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and was ...

Ramie Grimmer, 12, and her brother Timothy, 10, Rachelle Grimmer, 38 

...Herman Cain and Gary Johnson suspended their campaigns in December 2012


Let’s let 14 year olds vote.  It is their country too, and it is even more their future than it is ours.  It is important that they learn the discipline of voting early.  

Dear Mr. Vice President, my fellow Republicans! I tell you Sir! They will argue like scholars over their stock portfolios, but would have slept through the Sermon on the Mount.  

In #60min #Obama began to say “they squandered their opportunity ”.so if Isis destroys Iraq, rapes women, kills men, too bad .. but interrupted

During the 60min interview #Obama was about to say “they squandered their opportunity . . .” . . .so if Isis destroys Iraq, rapes their women, kills their men, too bad . . . but was interrupted.

I thought the #CommunityOrganizer #Obama would not go for #HealthReform, rather take the issue and use it to organize the public against the #Republicans.  He was a Statesmen. Who knew?

So I say raise the #Tax on the #rich and the price of baked beans goes up.  We all try to raise our prices but most of our little boats are swamped by other price rises.

This is what “#rich” means.  Someone whose goods and services are in high demand.  And if in high demand?  Right they can raise their prices. Tax them, they raise their prices. 

A #TaxHoldHarlessAgreement in a #contract simply raises the #compensation in the event of a tax increase. The point is this is what the #rich can do, they raise their prices.

I showed #RushLimbaugh how to avoid taxes with a #TaxHoldHarlessAgreement in his contracts so if taxes raised he would be protected.  He never even thanked me.

“A Party of Ideas” #SenatorMoynihan said 25 years ago.  Would he say so today about today’s #RepublicanParty?  Not with who can out bitch the other. 

There are 10,000 US #troops in #Kuwait they could be in #Bagdad in 64 hours on #Obama’s orders.  But #Obama’s pride will not allow himself to contradict himself. 

Like #King #Canute #Obama orders the #Corporate #Tax #avoidance economic wave to recede. But old Canute knew he did not have supernatural powers.  

Gutfeld on Oklahoma beheader “just a jealous loser. . . loser . . . Jealous loser!”  Isn’t this what he calls Democrat Liberals?  He  has the depth of understanding of a twelve year old. 

Counselor: What are you doing?  Sending a tweet. Counselor: Why?  To make people feel bad. Counselor: we need to see each other twice a week.

20,000 Americans die each year for lack of health insurance hundreds of thousands go bankrupt.  Yet other countries not as rich as the USA are able to provide. . . . ooops . . . this no longer applies.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz reminds one of divorcees in the 70’s who first claimed husbands were sexually abusing their children during custody hearings.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz reminds me of those women who in the 70’s first claimed their husbands were sexually abusing their children during custody hearings


 where they vengefully wanted exclusive control.  We were shocked at the time but later learned that there are liars everywhere who are willing to say anything.


What did the Founders think of the Congress taking the “tough vote” about a war time Executive?  They merely forbid that the budget be approved for more than three years at a time.   Forbade


How would a gunshot detector (GSD) work for White House?  A GSD is just an array of outdoor microphones and a computer that calculates the location of a gunshot.  Many cities have them.

I know blowhards in the media will claim they do not live in fear of Billy Clinton or other unscrupulous powerful men in DC and NYC etc.  But it is just not true you know plenty of people who have been ruined don’t you Bob Beckel?  Angela Parker, Barbara Reynolds to name two brought down by that idiot pimp  Jesse Jackson.  


Senator #Moynihan  stood solely in opposition to “#Welfare# Reform” because there was no Guarantee to the #Children of #Welfare.  This was the sole stumbling block.  Did #Clinton compromise on this one single point?  For the Children?  NO!  A pig of man.    


The real truth behind #Chelsea’s $600.000 was for #Billy #Clinton to show the rest of you bums how little respect the NBC Corporate Management had for you, how much power Billy had, and you better not fuck with him.   

#Obama, a Lawyer, thinks if he says it is so it is so. In #Law, in #Government of Laws it is so, at least for a long time but in #Economics and #War the truth will make itself known no matter how clever the #Politicians have arranged their sentences or their Laws. 


Can’t believe Washington DC does not have gunshot direction detector microphones.  Here in the Bay Area Oakland does so if shots fired at International Boulevard and 98th Ave the Police are alerted at once.


Will #Isis morph into a #Mafia type organization if thrown out of #Syria? No. Why? The Mafia has an economic raison d’entre. It meets a need. Generation after generation. Who needs head hunters?


Chris Matthews on his show talking about the “smart” vote on the war.  Not the wise, or good, or just vote but the opportunistic clever self-serving vote.  So we come full circle.  “George Bush’s War On Iraq”  to Chris Matthews calculating how to politically profit from blood suffering and death.  Who is the war monger now Mr. Matthews?  One sick hypocrite.   The “smart vote” could go either way but George Bush at least had the honor of commitment.   


Dear Mr. Vice President, you might let the President know how his Obama Care is going.  Three years ago I went to Urgent Care and had 150 people there before me.  This week I went to the same Hospital, SFGH, I could go anywhere but I go where the people go.  There were just 4 people waiting for Urgent Care.  Why?  The people were now enrolled in the program.  The program?  Obama Care.



Dear Mr. Vice President, as I understand it you simply mention Senator Bob Packwood as an example of a US Senator, a Republican,  who was capable of bipartisan governance.  For this you were pilloried by Fox,  after all wasn’t Packwood convicted  of sex crimes or something?  He was in fact found guilty of living Mad Men’s standards in a changed age.  You mention him in passing and are ridiculed yet there is silence about Juanita Broaddrick among Democrats and the Grimmer family among Republicans.  There are a lot of hypocrites in this town.


Dear Mr. Vice President, First Fox broadcast the tape about your meeting our friend “the wisest man in the Orient” without comment.  But apparently the audience was nonplused,  for they the following day rebroadcast the tape this time pointing out that you used the word “Orient.”  Oh,  that explains it Orient.  Quiet out of order.  All the simpletons at Fox who got their positions being corporate yes boys.  Oh yes Orient that is out that is what they were told by management the yes me responded as yes boys can only respond, yes.  And what will Mr. Krauthammer do.  ‘Well all the people one wants to get along with have dropped Orient.  One goes along to get along.’  Careful Mr. Krauthammer those lights are very bright.


Ramie Grimmer, 12, and her brother Timothy, 10, Rachelle Grimmer, 38


Ricky ray rector       Juanita Broaddrick

Lewinsky went back to testify & Clinton fired cruise missile at a pharmaceutical factory without going through the Joint Chiefs or the CIA. 


Sidney Blumenthal did not know she had evidence 


That “Irish Bitch” Maureen Dowd called Christopher Hitchens a “snitch” for telling the truth about Sidney Blumenthal’s whisper campaign against Lewinsky.