Tweets Note Book #2

Note Book #2:

Detailed discussion of German v. USA medical cost containment; Iranian nuclear framework agreement found to be a "no brainer;" defense of Brian Williams; explanation of why 'conservative Muslims' is superior to 'radical.'

Index of Note Book #2:


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If the problem is you do not want to give California new Senators add Florida, Texas & New York, or rather subdivide them also, for a fairer Senate.

    A Liberal asked what is Billy Clinton doing working with the dictator of Kazakhstan?  Didn’t he know?  Billy is a whore. What did he think Marc Rich was about?


    What is Lanny Davis doing talking about Mrs. Billy Clinton? He is disqualified? He said she should turn the server over to a 3rd party, he thought that fair.


    For irony, think of Putin hearing about “Putin’s oligarchs” after he arranged for the $500k payment to Billy Clinton by a Moscow Bank.


    To day’s lead was: Mrs. Billy Clinton caught in massive conflicts of interests, Foundation to refile taxes, Held high office while husband traded.

    Déjà vu: a story from January leads a story about the Democrat’s only Presidential candidate who is caught in multiple conflicts at least?

    Cheney, Halliburton, this from the Left the whole war so Halliburton could provide messes in the desert, now Clinton’s scandal is just conjecture.

    Billy Clinton’s Kazakhstan deal was bigger than cattle futures, not $1k into $100k, but nothing but Billy’s good name, which is nothing, into $38M.

    The Clinton Foundation has to refile taxes because of foreign contributions?  No, they got foreign contributions, who would have thought?  

    The compromise on the Human Trafficking Bill’s abortion language could not have been reached one day earlier than it was? Really, no politics? 


    No one else has remarked but as the police lift Mr. #Gray clearly in pain from the tackle, two officers can be seen shooting dice in the foreground.

    Ben Affleck’s ancestors had slaves.  Counselor: What are you doing, can’t you see how seriously he takes this? Ben Affleck’s ancestors had slaves. 


    Dear #Shri_Modi, Prime Minister of #India, Artificial Clouds are a way of reversing the damage caused by Global Warming:


    Dear Xi Jinping, President of China, Artificial Clouds are a way of reversing the damage caused by Global Warming which you can read about here:


    Not bad for Artificial Clouds that are not a complete solution to #Global_Warming but put an immediate stop to the damage being caused. 2/2

    Artificial Clouds can secure the methane in the permafrost, Greenland, lower global temperature 1° Celsius & there by lower sea levels. 1/2

    PBS’ graying yuppies favorite restaurants, collectables, for what we spend we could put up Artificial Clouds or educate children of Mexico.

    Not anti #Clinton but: strong defense, &management of economy, use of technology in education, cost control medicine, Artificial Clouds.

    Like naval treaties of by gone years the #Obama #Iran deal freezes the situation & if we survive 2 more years of Obama & #Jeb_Bush wins, if, if, if.

    Of the 10 to 15 years we will watch under the #Obama treaty Obama himself will keep watch only two years this is why this election is pivotal.

    We worry over a 2nd Holocaust if #Iran gets the bomb. How is that for a surprise for #HRDay they were on 2 months away!  Now we have a chance.


    On #Holocaust_Remembrance_Day I ask what if the knock in the night is not the Gestapo but the Jew down the hall? What then? What to do?    

    Jeb Bush’s reminder that this is Holocaust Remembrance day reminds one of why it is so important that Jeb Bush stand watch these next 8 years.   


    For example Manhattan’s population is over 1.7 million more than Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, etc. you get the picture, Manhattan deserves two Senators. 


    If the problem is you do not want to give California new Senators add Florida, Texas & New York, or rather subdivide them also, for a fairer Senate.

    I am so pleased with my Amazon Kindle 8.9 Fire HDX I cannot even say. With Bluetooth wireless earphones I have music, movies, talking books everything.

    The last sanction removed is worthless the first is worth everything so the negotiation’s math is to front load the removal of sanctions for greatest return.

    This #Iranian regime must be overthrown and its nuclear program destroyed but by this Commander and Chief?  I do not think so. We wait. Watch.


    As far a sanctions go, how long do you think it will be before this regime in #Iran puts itself back under some form of sanctions for some misdeed?


    However, if things are as they appear, it is a no brainer that we should take our 10 or 15 years as we can for thou we may want more we ain’t going to get it.


    I for one would want a CIA brief on hidden uranium & enrichment facilities (or bombs) not believing our good luck in avoiding these things.


    Clearly the negotiations should have been undertaken with a ban on enrichment & inspections in place yet somehow we survived.   


    The framework refers to 10,000kg (11tons) of uranium to be “cut.” It can be manipulated from one form to another. It is to be cut to 300kg.


    #Henry Kissinger in World Order says Iran has 7 tons of enriched uranium capable in “months” of being turned into 7 to 10 Hiroshima size bombs. 


    #Henry_Kissinger in World Order says Islam did not allow treaties with non-Muslims of over 10 years as Muslims needed to be free to strike when ready. 

    Yes, #Netanyahu had a picture of a bomb and he drew a red line at the top indicating #Iran was very close to a bomb but did not say months.


    #Iran is 2 to 3 months from a bomb? #Netanyahu never said that? We have been in the blind for how many years? Counselor: He had that picture @ UN.

    Counselor: #Rachel_Maddow showed #Jeb_Bush’s involvement in #Schiavo case? --- Yes the x-rays were clear for any layman to read Jeb seems inexplicable.

    Counselor: But, #Jeb_Bush supported #Pence & you called him a rascal? –Pence is a whipping boy. Counselor: So nothing has changed in a 1,000 years?

    #Harris_Faulkner, of #Fox, just said “#Governor_Pence is defending the Law” yet this is not true he will not even answer questions. #BoycottIndiana

    When the Republican Party was founded, of March 20, 1854 it was no longer ok to be of two views on slavery, so too Gays in March 2015. #BoycottIndiana


    #Governor_Pence’s lies in not answering #Stephanopoulos’ questions shows he has a guilty mind, he know he has done wrong that #BoycottIndiana is right.

    #Governor_Pence is a liar, he says he wanted to answer #Stephanopoulos’ question but he did not say yes, the Law would allow discrimination against Gays. 


    Howard’s End? That’s not my favorite novel, Jude the Obscure, Thomas Hardy, they say Ruskin College should have been called Jude the Obscure College.


    Counselor: “Only connect.” Shouldn’t you disclose ---- Oh, come on some things . . . E. M Forster  Counselor: Jeb might not know your favorite . . .

    #Indiana does not allow for the recall of the Governor so #BoycottIndiana appears the only logical course open to anyone wanting to correct the law. 

    #Governor_Pence & all other Republican who agree with him should leave the Party along with #Huckabee for Gays must be accepted as full citizens.

    So #Governor_Pence wallow in your short lived “religious” sanctimony you will be remembered for the pompous irreligious political rascal that you are.

    How about this #Governor_Pence, society has made it clear it will stand up for Blacks but has not yet made a similarly clear statement for Gays, thanks to you. 

    Do not want to serve interracial couples we tell you to Stuffit, but if you do not  want to serve Gays #Governor_Pence says, ‘Oh, yeah God is on your side . ..

    #Governor_Pence does not sign a Bill against interracial marriage because he does not think he could get away with that, anymore, but anti-Gay laws …

    #Obama boasts “historic” slowing in the increase of #medical costs yet USA spends 50% more than next most expensive nation, Germany.

    #Iran invaded our sovereign territory, embassy, killed 1,400 of our soldiers, & now we allow them the bomb in 10 years &  enrichment?  

    After GeorgeHWBush the Tea Party saw that the Greens also believed in #Global_Warming & concluded they must therefore be against it.   


    Here is Political History of #Global_Warming,including Nixon-to-GeorgeHWBush when it was bi-partisan then TeaParty: …

    At there is a good Political History of #Global Warming from Nixon-to-GeorgeHWBush when it was bi-partisan:


    A Google engineer challenged #Ken_Caldeira’s Models saying “you can get any results you want.” This is what deniers say.


    UH, Oh  -- Counselor: What?  -- #Lubitz, was seeing a counselor….  –Counselor: Oh, yes  -- He gives us all a bad name.  Counselor: Yes, prejudice.


    I knew I was a Conservative when I read On Human Nature by Edward O. Wilson called a fascist by the Left but I thought him a great scientist.

    #Dr_Wilson when will you men stop being so aggressive and violent?” 

    “Just at soon, Madam, as you females stop selecting the most aggressive and violent males to mate with.”

    I knew I was a Conservative when I could not accept #Ronald_Reagan’s huge deficits budgets in his first term & I did not vote for his re-election.

    Sometimes crimes illustrate an age, we are hapless victims as our leaders in the cockpit dial in our course, global warming, #GermanWings.

    #Elizabeth_Warren if she were a man would feel the duty to answer her country’s call to service but she can play the shy girl bystander to history.

    #Elizabeth_Warren, #Obama are not real reformers they do not do things they are bookkeepers thus college & medical costs not cut--financed. 

    #Steven_Brill author of America’s Bitter Pill describes #Obama’s medical program a“failure to govern” as if  “below an Ivy League Reformer.”

    Maggie Thatcher got upset with: “The philosopher’s boast is like that of the English Nobility, ‘We make objective truths.’”Wanted objectivity.  

    I knew I was a Conservative when Goldwater gave a speech at the Sun Devil Football Stadium & I wondered if I could understand him. I did.

    “Our present course is unsafe! If you do not respond in 15  seconds I will take control of the plane . . . Flight control, my pilots . . .”

    Hitler started his war upon receipt of a letter from Deutsche Bank saying that the finances were in complete collapse; #Putin also?

    Where have all the soldiers gone? Indeed, the Liberal Democracies have forgotten all the lessons of the Twentieth Century; daimon #Putin.

    #Obama approached #Putin one pacifist to another thinking ‘if I’m “flexible” he can have no complaints’ but telling Putin this was provocative.

    # Megyn_Kelly read average home values in #Ferguson: “Them houses were still there but that capital just vanished off the face of the Earth.” T. Wolfe

    What #Lawrence_O’Donnell of #MSNBC likes about #Obama is that he does not give a shit what anyone says about him.  Maybe so.  Almost certainly so. How else to explain the Middle East?

    The World is consuming carbon, forces to curb consumption are in motion, damage is being done for the last 100 years, we need Artificial Clouds for 300 years.

    Nearly everyone now agrees that carbon reduction & technology are required to solve #Global_Warming the question is are Artificial Clouds to be used.

    Not only can Conservatives believe in #Global_Warming but perhaps only Conservatives can solve the problem which is one of timing.

    Again, if your moral reasoning does not distinguish between a cluster of cells and a pile of corpses then can it still be called reasoning?

    #OReilly also said if you believe “life begins at conception” you’re not a conservative. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. see next tweet

    #O’Reilly said on his show tonight conservatives do not believe in #Global_Warming, it is a litmus test, you cannot be a conservative if you do.

    Liberal #Democrats in #Congress are upset with #Netanyahu but #MSNBC host Joy_Reid wants us to know that Black Democrats suffer most.  

    Why is #Rachel_Maddow smiling at #Obama’s policy of assisting #Iran in #Iraq? Now that his #Israel betrayal is known why smile at #Iraq? 

    I knew I was a conservative when in ’67 I saved the newspapers for proof of who was responsible for the war, and after the war they still argued.

    #Obama shows himself for who he really is, a radical academic, his administration now refers to the #Israeli “occupation”& ’67 borders.

    Any #Palestinian leader who agrees to peace with #Israel without “unlimited right of return” will be assassinated within the hour, therefore no peace.

    #Obama stated that he cannot “pretend” #Israel will accept a two state peace yet he has for years pretended that #Palestinians will. 

    Every time the #Palestinians have been presented with a peace plan they have refused. Why? They would not recognize the Jewish_State.  

    And again I ask where are the links to your web page? People want more. Your father supported vouchers for private schools are you different?

    #Republican make believe: immigration? Let’s make believe we have a plan. Medical? Let’s make believe we have a plan. Hold on to the Senate? Let’s . . .

    Dear #Jeb_Bush who are you looking at?  Look at the camera? Look us right in the eye; make eye contact, “only connect”. Best advice for a politician.

    #Senator_Boxer said #Inhofe is a “proud conservative.” Counselor: So? --He’s a jackass. Counselor: Is there a difference? -- How can you be my counselor?

    Eleanor Holmes Norton:  Mm hu It a White man’s world.   Michael Kinsley: Peter Sellers’ Being There.  Counselor: They said that? –Kinsley did. 

    Who is in charge of #Jeb_Bush’s Tweets? There is no link to allow follow up by interested readers just the statement; is this going to be W again?

    #MSNBC’s #Jose_Diaz-Balart never raises the question of why Congressmen do not introduce Private Bills for these troubling immigration cases. 

    The #Israelis & #Palestinians are genetically indistinguishable,so claims of “racism” have more to do with USA politics or the Left’s South African trope.     

    #Todd on #Meet_The_Press asked twice about the World Court yet failed to follow up on the key question if #Mansour would agree to a Jewish state.

    Counselor: Oh, science is going to save us!  -- Well you got a better idea? Solar panel that actually compete on the market for example,new nuclear, etc.

    We buy this time with Artificial Clouds a temporary fix all be it a 300 year fix to cool the planet and prevent further damage. We await science.

    If we stopped all carbon today #Global_Warming would continue for hundreds of years, the 100 years is needed for scientific breakthroughs.

    The #Greens are right about much but timing is everything in life, science & technology are moving near exponentially we need to buy time 50?, 100? years. 

    #Fox & WSJ seem caught in the logic box if they agree there is #Global_Warming they must agree with the whole #Green’s agenda, but there is another way.

    With the whole of the scientific community in agreement about #Global_Warming #Fox’s and the WSJ’s opposition seems absurd or worse: purely political.

    #Fox’s #Wall_Street_Journal promised to disprove #Gobal_Warming but only recited one sided anecdotes  about some models:

    When compromising a dispute over their “Charge Master” Hospital will take the average of insurance payments, why not the agreed lowest prices?

    Counselor: How do you figure $1trillion? #Germany spends 11%GDP on #Medical_Care the USA 17% this 6%GDP is equal to $1trillion.

    #Senator_Hatch was complaining about a claimed lost $5.7 billion in #Obama_care but says nothing about the $1 trillion in medical overpayments.

    I’m not sure about the aerodynamics of a garden hose held up into the stratosphere by dirigibles but the point is only a small amount of material is required. 

    The cost can be quite low, for example, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold has proposed a simple garden hose to deploy Artificial Clouds:

    #Governor_Brown should be interested in Artificial Clouds to dissipate the Western High, to prevent soil desiccation, but he will regard it as unnatural.

    It is not just me calling for more research into reflecting solar radiation it is NASA, NOAA, DOE, doesn’t that account for something? #Global_Warming

    Counselor: The ACC? --#Maddow’s story how the American Chemistry Council wrote the Bill #Inhofe & #Udall are submitting as theirs.

    Counselor: Yes, that was yesterday. You called them stupid. ---I didn’t, I had 6 spaces left & well, . . . I like #Maddow, I quoted her about the ACC.

    This is my 3rd tweet on the false use of the plural “the agents drove” #Maddow responded to the 1st by explaining they were a “team”.  #MSNBC

    #Maddow refers to “agents drove their car . . .” One agent was a passenger and could not be breathalyzed. He is presumed innocent. 

    #Obama wants a Congressional authorization for the use of force against #Isis but he does not want too much authority, he wants to be limited!

    Drought to continue in the West, only a year’s supply left in California’s reservoirs, Artificial Clouds can dissipate the Western high pressure zone. 

    Anyone looking outside the cockpit?  Seeing what’s coming at us? A nation lead by bookkeepers don’t they realize we have to actually do things?

    “These Stanfords, Harvards, … (we shall exempt Yale Mr. President, anticipating your breakthrough policy), are not institutions of education . . .

    There is a Trillion dollars a year over paid in medical care why don’t we cut that?  How about it’s easier to cut money from women infants and children.

    These Lefties are anti-Semites, they objected to Israel before #Netanyahu’s one state position in fact they supported Palestinian’s one state solution.  

    The radical Left wants to disinvest Israel you know like South Africa, because it is a Jewish State, & will not agree to “unlimited return” of Palestinians.

    The radical Left, (college professors & their students), play Israel for “two states” secretly knowing “unlimited return” would destroy her.

    If #Arafat could not give up “right of return” & therefore a one state solution how could #Abu_Mazen? He would be assassinated  in hours.

    #Ehud_Barak, Israeli Prime Minister said #Arafat never intended peace and #Clinton said he would not give up “right of return.” (Wiki) 

    Thus the negotiating situation is now equal in that now both parties share the position that there should be only one state.   (#Netanyahu)

    Thus #Netanyahu’s one state position merely aligns Israel with Palestinian’s 15 year old “one state” solution, for this is unlimited “right of return”. 

    #Dennis_Ross says #Arafat’s refusal to sign Billy #Clinton’s (2000) peace agreement was because he would not give up on a one state solution.

    You know the American Chemistry Council wrote the Bill is that it preempts state’s regulations; California would be no better than Louisiana.

    #Inhofe & #Udall can bipartisanly claim otherwise but if you right click on properties is says “author: American Chemistry Council” ACC.  

    The true work product of the legislator is the society “out there” well run & free from the political oppression of special interests like the ACC.

    Senators #Udall, a Democrat and #Inhofe have been caught trying to pass off a Bill as there work product when in fact it was written by ACC.

    Republicans called for medical insurance to preempt state’s rights now with #Inhofe’s Chemical Industry Bill they would preempt safety regulations.

    #Inhofe has been exposed to have had his new Bill written by the American Chemistry Council by #Senator_Boxer on the #Maddow show.

    It would be good to have chemicals regulated at the national level but there is just one problem; Washington D C  is thoroughly corrupt.

    So the one example the Chairman Mr. Tom Price of the Budget Committee, the WIC program, makes him look penny wise but pound foolish. 

    The WIC program costs $6.8 billion in up front costs but has a multiplier effect of $18b saved in medical costs & eliminates costs later in life.

    When asked how he would reduce spending to meet his budget goals Chairman Tom Price gave the example of cutting the WIC program. 

    I knew I was a Conservative when the teacher while reading Jane Eyre or some novel, asked the class, “What do we think about that, those people hardly had enough to eat and these people have 600 servants?  Yes, Peter.”  “Well at least those 600 had jobs.”

    Conservatives know the importance of insurance, moral hazard is nothing compared to damage already suffered over the last century.

    Using Artificial Clouds to reflect or scatter solar radiation to cool the planet should be thought of as an insurance policy just in case we fail. 

    I need your help in contacting Governor Rick Scott of Florida at:  and telling him that scientists are calling for research into Artificial Clouds:

    Reporting the ‘White’ Officer & the ‘Black’ victim was fine until as first reported here it turned out that the ‘victim’ committed suicide by cop.

    Now the Liberal media wants to go back to race reporting the way it was before #Ferguson where Black perpetrators were left unidentified.   

    Of course, race was only referenced in the #Ferguson bullshit ‘hands up don’t shoot’ story because the Liberals thought they had a winner. 

    In the #Michael_Brown & Officer Wilson story race was repeatedly referenced; let’s have that on all our crime stories: Black this and White that.

    #Dowd does #47traiters one better You said she was a “stupid. . . –Shh that’s when she was war and glory glory.

    I don’t want to hear about #Jeffrey_Williams I only want ‘Black suspect shoots White cops’ you know just the way Officer Wilson’s story was reported.

    What #Obama does not seem to understand is that a “big city mayor fighting crime” does not face a coordinated foe, our enemy has an ideology.

    Counselor: What’s wrong? –#Jeb_Bush, I support him & all . . . but on medical care he doesn’t seem to realize we overspend by a trillion dollars.

    #Michael_Gerson’s column went to press prior to the admission of the British Foreign Secretary Hammond that the agreement goes to UN.

    #Scott_Walker changed his position on immigration, he is a flip flopper, but the point is he is  not leading he would leave a class of stateless people.

    CNN:  “The Secret Service agents returned to the White House, only one agent was driving . . .”  --Counselor: You must be so satisfied.  -- Yes

    . . . Send a letter, our one and only chance to comment on the Iranian agreement before #Obama takes it to the UN and we are called #47Traitors.  

    It bears repeating that #Chris_Matthews & people of that ilk after open votes in Congress & UN called it “Bush’s War” the traitors, but let us send a letter  . . . .

    #Cotton will have only this one chance to influence the negotiations & is accused of being a #47Traitor & --Counselor: you’ve said this before. – oh, ….well …

    A geosynchronous Artificial Cloud over a city would reduce a/c requirements & a column of air would fall pushing away pollution.

    Britain’s FS Hammond admitted #Iranian agreement is to go straight to UN the Senate will not have a chance to review, #Cotton’s was last chance. 47Traitors

    If #Obama takes his Iranian agreement to the UN Security Council #Senator_Cotton’s letter will turn out to have been our last chance to comment on it. #47Traitors

    And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown. But tell me, Do Republican seem a war like race? #GOPWantsWar

    There are many types of #Artificial_Clouds, eg Dr. Benfords’ could be placed in geosynchronous orbit over cities  see

    If #Iran gets the bomb, which after 6 years of secret development seems certain, #Cotten’s letter will be a footnote. If #Obama goes UN when can we speak?

    My letter to #Rick_Scott can be seen at  to read about Artifical_Clouds go to

    #Rick_Scott Governor of #Florida can go from being a villain of #Global_Warming to a leader simply by calling for research into #Artificial_Clouds. 

    Well yeah, guns against the head, but how did things get so far out of control in #Ferguson? You know why. Community organizers like #Obama needed.

    NYT found #GeorgeBush won by 385 over #AlGore but the Governor could have referred to House of Reps. where W would have been voted President. 

    You make me laugh. This is my point you should be on MSNBC you are real. #Ferguson thinks its ok to burn down but MSNBC will not put them on the air.

    Excuses? Who is making excuses? Are we going back to slavery? Jim Crow Laws?  What keeps 60% of the people of #Ferguson from voting tco business?

    Down town burned down years of inaction, all White police force for 20? 30? years, years of frustration! No one was stopping #Ferguson from voting.

    You protest when you are on the outside. First you meet with your candidates then elect them & meet with ‘your’ politicians. #Ferguson needs this.

    We’re to believe MSNBC that no one in #Ferguson set up the White police officer on false murder charges because of race just traffic tickets

    But MSNBC didn’t really want to report on the real people of #Ferguson who think voting is “acting white” & that arson & looting legitimate.  

    60% of #Ferguson is Black but I would not expect to hear #MSNBC report the miscarriage,who will tell the people that protests poor substitute for voting.  

    It is not that hard to find people in #Ferguson who think the “police got what they deserve.” But MSNBC could have asked where were the voters before?

    We are presumed innocent. Yet MSNBC crosses the line from journalism to propaganda in selecting guests to “represent” #Ferguson, no blood lust.

    Officer Wilson is innocent. His accusers perjured themselves. These perjurers are representative of  #Ferguson as are the supporters of the gunmen. 

    I have said we can secure the border with double trenches & fences yet I assume e-verify & an adequate #immigration quota from #Mexico & C.A.

    Of course, #Scott_Walker will not come under close scrutiny until much later, this is how the Tea Party survives no one takes it seriously enough.

    #Scott_Walker doesn’t just turn away from his former position, he now positively favors a permanent underclass of stateless people in America.

    So #Chris_Christie so the oranges are even bigger at the White House, hu?  Squeeze all the juice out of them that you can?  Who pays?

    We are not going to cut a trillion dollars out of medical spending in the USA even if Germany has equal care for less.  Vested Interests.

    Coastal states could join together & finance the deployment of atmospheric Artificial Clouds that can reduce Global Warming by .5°c.

    Another reason #Republicans should support Artificial Clouds  is because G.W. makes the children of Democrats go crazy. Help them out. 

    For the umpteenth time #Chris_Matthews  has resorted to: it is racism to criticize #Obama.  What an easy out, but not too easy for him.

    We should watch Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial-Complex yet impugning integrity of an officer &  Senator who  protects you is wrong.    

    The truth can be seen in small things.  MSNBC hosts refer to Secret Service Agents (plural) driving. Obviously only one was driving. Stupid.

    Soon not just Israel but NYC and Washington will live under nuclear jihadist threat something new, unpredictable, different from Russian threat.

    The time to act is right now but this President isn’t going to act even after Israel acts, he will do nothing, this is what comes from electing an unknown.

    This is not the middle of the Iranian negotiations or the end it is well past that they are now months away from a bomb.  We have already lost.#47traitors

    Pfc Manning represents not only a generation but upon the recent admission of homosexuals, Gays, & he has betrayed  all.  (47traitors)

    Snowden(b’83)represents his generation for who duty  and loyalty are a joke & of whom many think only high officials can be traitors. (#47triators)

    One Senator condemned “interfering” in the “middle of negotiations.” 6 years on & this is the middle? When exactly will we be allowed to interfere?

    Rachel Maddow was delighted to refer to #47traitors,  yet never to Snowden (born 1983),  Pfc  Manning (born 1987), a homosexual, as traitors.

    Here the Left calls those who disagree “traitors” simply for disagreeing with the “Commander and Chief” over a proposed policy.

    In the Second Gulf War Congress voted, the Security Council voted, it was agreed to before we went in then the traitors called it Bush’s War.

    The Left can use the word “Traitor”; not when our troops are in combat & Lefties call it “Bush’s War” but while we are discussing our policy.

    Dear Governor Rick Scott; I would like to tell you about the use of Artificial Clouds to counter Global Warming

    I know no one cares about my sad story but Farmers Insurance continues to run credit checks on me 10 years after my employment with them.

    I see, so you perjure yourself & set up an innocent officer for murder charges because you got some traffic tickets? You could have voted but no . . .

    #Obama is allowing #Iraq to slip into the hands of #Iran as he sits back and does nothing in the Middle East.  He is passive in the face of aggression.

    Mrs. Billy Clinton hold all her email & waits to see what develops before deciding if it is to be private or public & this is why she is unfit to hold office.

    However, by making the choice contemporaneously before other factors can prejudice the calculation that some emails will public truth may prevail.

    It is more difficult for someone like #George_H_W_Bush, whose friends were also heads of state, to separate out the personal from the public emails.

    I got an email from I agreed with her that her personal communication should be private. But she used it exclusively. 

    There are two types of Artificial Clouds, orbital & atmospheric, the former last longer the latter are cheaper to put up and we can start with to test.  

    The scientists, Lefties, think your acceptance of Global Warming because Artificial Clouds are cheaper is an evil do not understand the political process. 

    If you reject #Global_Warming because the Green’s zero carbon is too expensive you are mixing ends & means, yet Artificial Clouds are less expensive.

    You may have some prejudice like #Rush for schools you may not understand the science or care, your opinion may be based on economics.

    Don’t you want to win over the young? And if you say ‘But we don’t believe in Global Warming’ I’ll say who cares what you believe?

    The #Republicans by funding computer modeling on NASA’s super computers the effect of Artificial Clouds can win over the young.

    Wasn’t it clear the #Iranian had something to hide without the #IAEA report? Isn’t it clear they were negotiating in bad faith these 6 years?

    We did not need an #IAEA report to know that #Iran was concealing sites; for years they have blocked inspection of known nuclear sites.

    #Obama entered into office saying we could trust the #Iranian’s to negotiate in good faith so he eased the sanction & surprise 6 years later.

    A third of all deaths during the Gulf War II resulted from #Iranian actions yet #Kerry smiles & shakes hands & #Obama says we can trust them.

    #George_W_Bush did not allow attacks on #Iranian shaped charge factories, not wanting to “expand” the war, but what about the #Iranians?

    1,400 Americans were killed by #Iranian shaped charges in the Gulf War II. We knew were the factories were located across the border in #Iran.

    When #Obama promised to be “more flexible” to the #Russian Foreign Minister did #Clinton #Email to Poland, Ukraine, implementing the policy? 

    Did the #Iranians with whom we have an active cyber war read #Clintons #e-mail about not being willing to use force to remove their nukes? What else?

    So that she could keep control of her e-mail Mrs. Billy #Clinton was willing to use unsecured public e-mail services with all the risks implied for USA.

    But it was not espionage that allowed #Red_Chinese & #Putin it was #Clintons carelessness and vanity that caused her to keep her e-mail private.

    Getting access to the SOS #Clinton’s e-mail is the stuff of spy novels.  In real life spies work for years to try to get access to such communications.

    #Red_Chinese & #Putin’s #Russian_Mob have hacked private mail services so we must assume they have been reading SOS #Clinton’s e-mail.

    With so many problems and so many things coming apart irony comes first but lives were at risk with the Secretary of State #Clinton’s e-mail. 

    Mrs. Billy #Clinton was using unsecured e-mail for official business?  Amateur hour, no, amateur for 4 years.  #Obama, the amateur, for 6 years.

    #Israel was not included in the #Iranian talks why? Was that right? #Obama lifted the sanctions and we wonder why the talks have taken 6 years?

    Who is politicizing the #Netanyahu speech? #Obama has thrown everything at him including accusing him! of politicizing. 6 years without action.   

    #Scott_Walker at Cpac said he no longer supported citizenship for immigrants, what to do? Like the House Republicans, he & they got nothing.

    Let the little bitches run off to Isis, they want to whore to the #Isis headhunters hoping for orgasms the irony is Isis men only come in their hands. 

    The Isis god is destroying the other older Gods that have longer more venerable histories.  Will the Isis god be remembered for a fraction of the time?

     Dr. Teller called for research into Artificial Clouds decades ago understood the day might come when we would need deploy them:

    #Inhofe says we are being “hysterics” while he claims to hear God say He would not allow Man to change the climate. Who is being a hysteric?

    Conservatives understand people better than Liberals carbon reduction is not going to be enough we need Artificial Clouds to reverse Warming.

    Most scientists are Lefties who actually think they still have a choice whether to use Artificial Clouds or not so little do they understand politics. 

    Indeed, amazingly given the severity of the problem some Lefties oppose Artificial Clouds because they say they will take the pressure off carbon reduction.

    The coal industry, #Exxon, #Chevron, should be leaders in calling for research in the use of Artificial Clouds to cool the planet, yet they are silent.

    Of course bringing down the Global temperature for a few hundred years will take the stress off the flora & allow it to uptake carbon optimally.

    The fact that we cannot solve the ocean problem with the same technology that we use on the Global Warming problem should not cause us to do nothing.

    Also Liberals may think that we must suffer for our carbon emissions giving up our fossil fuels before we have replacements, see

    Perhaps only Conservatives can save the planet as Liberals are too effete or afraid to make the intentional global climate change required.

    #Rabbi_Boteach made a mistake in discussing his ad about #Susan_Rice on #CNN he neglected to say ‘on her watch while she was in charge of African affairs during the Clinton administration.’

    Shakespeare’s second best bed was left to his widow for in his best bed he sleeps even now in a little church in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    We can ask of the President as an Adjuster once asked of an angry caller, “Are you really angry or do you just think you are important?” (Don’t try this at home.)

    Netanyahu’s speech started as a” breach of protocol” to “humiliation” of the President to being “destructive of the fabric of the relationship.”

    Having a reputation as the “green eyeshade” Party can be turned to the Republican’s advantage.  Using Germany’s medical procedure book it can cut costs.

    Rather than foolishly promising to overturn a woman’s right to decide or Gay rights the Republican Party should stand for things it can deliver: lower medical costs.

    There is #Inhofe claiming to know what God wants throwing a snow ball during an extreme weather event the jackass completely unaware it was predicted.

    Counselor: Still trying to win friends and influence people.  – Well, look, . . some people are out of reach. #Inhofe is a fool, beyond reason, he only deserves ridicule.

    Senator #Inhofe said ‘God would not allow human’s to affect the global climate.”  What an idiot!  And a Republican Chairman of the Environment Committee. 

    Half the biosphere is Plankton so the ocean problem is not a small problem yet you can see the solution lies in our direction not #Inhofe’s imbecilic theology.  

    Simply cooling the planet will not be enough, carbon dioxide turns to carbonic acid in the ocean and changes ocean PH killing calcium carbonate shells.  

    Now simply by supporting research into reflecting sunlight the Republican brand can be associated with saving the planet from #Global_Warming.  

    Had this “sophisticated argument” been accepted by Republicans their brand would have been associated with education & technology.

    Because the state spends so much on education private companies cannot easily enter the market this is why I asked for state help for laser disks. 

    By championing the technological solution to #Gobal_Warming Conservatives (Republicans) can take the issue away from the Democrats.

    A recent report (  ) by scientists called for more study of the technology to reflect sunlight and cool the planet for the next few hundred years to counter GW.

    The Greens may say there is only one way to fight #Global_Warming  but we can apply technology to reduce solar radiation & perhaps only we can do this.

    To be a Conservative is to be able to maintain discrete lines of thought, the evidence for Global Warming, is separate from the politics of the Greens.

    One reason practically minded people reject Global Warming is because there is “nothing we can do about it” but this is not true, see

    Dryer regions will get dryer, wetter regions will get wetter, this has been predicted, the weather becomes more extreme as the planet warms. 

    You have snow in Louisiana, so many storms you have lost count, and stupidly FOX asks, “If there is Global Warming why is there so much snow?”

    #Ted_Cruz telling CPAC “the people want” is preposterous. He learned the people’s wants at Princeton? At Harvard he refused study partners who were not Ivey League.

    Oh,& unchallenged of course, #George_Bush is responsible for no stabilizing force in Iraq, not the traitors like Klien and Matthews who called it Bush’s war.

    I kid you not Ezra Klien just said on MSNBC’s Last Word that #George_Bush was responsible for the Ukrainian Crisis because he had had a favorable impression. 

    You don’t need an IAEA report to know that Iran is hiding military sites, even I – no, I reported on this in previous tweets. Counselor: Oh, yes you on top of things.

    A GOP “expert” on #FOX said no one will care during the General Election that #Sott_Walker whored himself out during the primaries, such is the Stupid Party.

    #Scott_Walker a marketing student, markets himself to anti-abortion groups, anti-vaccine, anti-evolution, to everyone but the voters in the general election.

    It is said that we online say anything, yet look at #Scott_Walker chasing votes saying anything in Iowa opposing “all abortions” including “rape & incest.”(NYT)

    As an academic #Obama says it, and in a sense it is so: “randomly shooting a bunch of people in a deli” actually changes an order of the Qur’an to “kill Jews”.

    Only an academic could make such an assertion so nonchalantly so his decoupling of our enemy’s Islamic origins from our perception is nothing new.  

    I once heard #Obama construct a sentence in which the incidence of crime among young Blacks was unrelated to their numbers in imprisonment.

    Of course #Obama would have had to have taken a leadership role, & there would have been dissent, as with Libya, or Iraq, or the Ukrainian Crises.   

    Thinking it is too hard to reduce medical spending recall that the Germans & Swiss do it. Their procedure & price books can be downloaded today.

    #Scott_Walker who recently showed himself a coward on vaccines, has also shown an unwillingness to say just what he would do with the Sooners.

    As the name suggests the #Mexicans selected by #Obama, #Sooners, have merely come too soon.  Perhaps they should pay a fine, but not deported en masse.

    The reason republicans get blame for closing DOHS is because they are the Governing Party now.  In addition America agrees with letting the Sooners stay.

    And if you’re thinking he is more concerned with domestic policy read America’s Bitter Pill and how nothing was done to curb spending, it was too hard.

    Of course, that is why we have generals, & bankers for our finances, & to organize sanctions, but what we do not have is a leader in the oval room in the WH.

    In Iraq MacArthur would have bypassed the small towns as he did the islands & gone for the enemy’s heart in Syria. Anything is better than do nothing #Obama. 

    Balancing the budget puts us on a war footing.  We can now issue war bonds if needed.  But they will be needed. The VAT will be enough.

    Taxes on the rich act like VAT so why not just impose a VAT? Off set the tax by reducing medical spending by $1T. Then balance the budget. 

    Counselor: So what would you do?  Equip the light infantry of Ukraine with missiles anti-tank anti-aircraft as they fall back they fall into stock piles.  

    An indolent nation allowing problems around the world unchecked as if on another planet while #Obama stakes out positions of holier than thou.

    But it is not as if the Republican leadership was putting the nation on a war footing, McConnell & Boehner are closing DOHS not funding war.

    Oh, he’s being “flexible”, game, set, match, #Putin. #Obama’s  SOS talks of more sanctions & he leaves everything else to the German Chancellor. 

    #Obama is caught on an open mic telling the Russians that “after the election he will be more flexible” and now he does nothing to oppose them.

    I guess it is only a Crisis if one cares.  Is this what #Obama meant when he told the Foreign Minister of Russia that he could be “more flexible.”

    The Ukrainian Crisis, if I may call it that, no one else does, everyone else is so temperate in their speech, why? An Army is marching across Europe! 

    George Bush wanted Turkish troops in Iraq for Second Gulf War but the Iraqis objected to former rulers the Turks. History haunts the Middle East.

    It goes without saying that Liberal Muslims are the main victims of our common enemy and it was they #Obama betrayed first in #Iraq and #Libya.  

    Listen your enemy has no trouble identifying you, do not be faint hearted in identifying him.  Conservative Islam set to return to 600 CE.

    So the Saudis can find them wrong but you stumble at enemy: “one that is antagonistic to another.” Do you not want to  overthrow them?

    The Saudis found the Religious Police were wrong in killing those school girls by forcing them back into the burning building. What about you?

    The girls came out of the burning dormitory & were turned around & sent back into the flames to get their burkas. You say not our enemy? No?

    Yet #Obama, not a man of action, declines to act in Libya, after toppling the dictator to build a political order. Ok. But why give us lectures on a duty to help Muslims.  

    #Obama talks of an opportunity society to move young Muslims away from the conservative interpretation of Islam yet the first requirement is political order.

    Some people you cannot argue with. #Chris_Matthews demanding war now but in two years when #Jeb is in office he will be calling it #Bush’s war. Traitor.

    The only one on his “high horse” is #Obama accusing everyone else of global war against Islam regardless of our qualifiers. He is obnoxious.

    But no one is talking about being against Islam, it is always qualified, wrongly as “radical,” better as “extreme” or best “fanatical” or as I have it conservative.

    #Obama’s position is so obviously false, the conservative interpretation of Islam is violent & cruel that he creates a straw man out of all Islam is not conservative which is true.

    #Obama has latched upon this belief that if he can deny that our enemies share a common interpretation of Islam he wins. 

    #Obama is not a man of action & the Iranian negotiators learned this years ago, & #Isis is in the process of learning this, he talks, and thinks.  

    So they kept silence & when #Major_Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 shouting "Allah Akbar!" they were punished for not warning the Army.

    #Major_Hasan’s fellow officers could only report he had a fanatical interest in Islam, but they knew their Commander & Chief #Obama, too well.

    Think about fellow officers of Major Hasan who were punished for not reporting him; what could they have said? Will cause work place injury?

    Those Isis murders looks so scary in their black uniforms, taller than their victims, faces hidden like in a horror film, but fear not they are not soldiers.

    You build your enemies up to be 12 feet tall. In both the 1st & 2nd Gulf wars the “Arab Street” oh, the Iraqi Army, oh, you worried about these things.

    We have a President with the wisdom to avoid going to war with a billion Muslims, no one wanted to go to war, but its’ good to have such a leader.

    Counselor: Now what about that footnote in the letter to Senator Warren?  --- Oh come on it obvious that was from Wikipedia I don’t write like that.

    Counselor: Go ahead tell them. ---This is ridicules . . . the English translation into Arabic stat  & illiteracy rates came from Jes Gearing’s web site. OK?

    #Scott_Walker has nothing to say about the sooners from #Mexico. #Walker avoids explaining what he would do with 10 million people in the USA.

    Of course #Matthews, #Beckel & #Bolling are so phlegmatic that even #Christopher_Hitchens’ scorn would not affect them. (“Bush’s war!” Traitor.)  

    #Chris_Matthews said  it, so did #Beckel & #Bolling ‘wouldn’t it be better if we had our dictators back.’  If the late #Christopher_Hitchens were still alive . . . . . .  . .

    Some might note that it is our artists who are first to enter the fight, it is always so.  Some wonder why do we move so slowly to war because we prefer peace.

    The word is defiance. The West defies Conservative Muslims & their interpretation of Qur’an.  In our defiance we stand for ourselves and Liberal Muslims.

    It is because we face the threat of death we must react. #Joe & #Mika would have said well the NAZIS will resort to violence we should not provoke them.

    #Joe_Scarborough : “. . . provoke a violent reaction  . . . What’s gained by that?” As if we are responsible for the Conservative Muslims’ violence. They are responsible.

    Islam no longer can export its problems by invasion into Christendom’s lands so its blood lust now tears itself apart as Isis east its own in a demonic reading of Qur’an.

    The channeling of young men’s impulses into the service of society for its survival can be seen as one of the prime achievements of civilization.  

    Young men want women, power over others, violence, wealth, women, and strong religious convictions to justify themselves. They can destroy a society.

    Posted by Jes Gearing on August 10, 2009

    Media keeps putting out the poison “radical Islam”: are they ‘Not bound by tradition’ NO they are the most traditional in their interpretation of the Qur’an.

    #Republicans must display a tolerance for disagreement or ability to compromise or give up on governance; shutting down DOHS would be unforgivable.    

    The Constitution does not allow the Congress to appropriate Army budgets of more than 2 years so there is nothing in the Authorization that is needed. 

    #FOX had on a #Creationist who claimed they were intellectual equals with American Conservatives, they are not, they are only a protected minority.

    #CNN’s #Fareed_Zakaria asks why has global poverty gone down, #Gates gets it wrong. Answer: Urbanization, Cities, jobs world now lives in cities.

    You might think there is a reason for the 1st attack but that the 2ndattack against the Jews of #Copenhagen is senseless. Both are senseless.   

    #CNN’s #Martin_Savidge ,a newsman’s newsman,said attack in #Copenhagen is one thing but the second is “completely different”—no it isn’t.

    So we face this race of illiterate xenophobic intolerant hateful Conservative Muslims whose first resort is to violence as codified in the Qur’an. 

    Liberal Muslims find it hard to break away from Conservative Muslims, and their Imams, because 65 million Arab adults are illiterate.

    Conservative Muslims hold sway because Greece annually translates five times more books from English than the entire Arab world.

    It is easy to argue with flippant remarks. One avoids facing Malala Yousafzay  shot in the head by Conservative followers of Qur’an.

    We can make common cause with Liberal Muslims & turn back Hatred’s Kingdom the Qur’an’s blood lust for Jews & Christians & non-believers.  

    Now in this era of mass communication we have a historic opportunity to ally ourselves with Liberal Muslims who also live under death threat.

    As Pope Benedict XVI said Conservative Muslims have spread Islam more by the sword than by the word.  For 1,400 years we faced this threat.

    And if this means war, your Holiness, know that it was they who chose this path, for they chose the belief of killing Jews & Christians for 1,415 years.

    The West intends to mock and ridicule and lampoon the Conservative Muslims at every turn. Why? Because they threaten us with death.

    However the West is not interested in reconciling itself to living with Conservative Muslims & their literal fanatical interpretation of Qur’an.

    #Pope_Francis’ caution to curb speech in the interests of civil order is the policy followed in Singapore where racial groups must live together.

    #Pope_Francis who is right about so much is wrong about freedom of speech & Conservative Muslims. They do not deserve our courtesy.

    #Fox had #Keven_Jackson on who said #Obama “torpedoed the economy.” You can’t let this false statement go; you lose all credibility. 

    Does #Scott_Walker propose that the GOP actively resist the coming ruling of the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage? Like Judge Roy Moore?

    Again I ask, if your moral reasoning does not distinguish between a cluster of cells and a pile of corpses can it still be called reasoning?

    California is not out of reach of the GOP yet backward policies of discriminating against Gays, Women’s choice, anti-evolution are suicidal.

    Will #Jeb_Bush our Lee Iacocca make our Republican Party (Chrysler) into a modern party competing for votes at the right side of the bell curve.

    I recall the decline of Chrysler prior to  Lee Iacocca; the company’s constant competing on price left it with the lowest income customers. 

    We are afraid of alienating the anti-evolution vote?  As a Party the Republicans are going after that vote? Yes, according to #Scott_Walker.

    That #Scott_Walker will not embrace evolution in Britain, its birth place, is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.  Is he that stupid?  

    “I still have shrapnel in me from an RPG you know when you’ve been hit by an RPG,” said the colonel as if it was related to the #Williams story.

    Admittedly ‘from my hotel’ is different from ‘from near my hotel’ but does #NBC really want to lose $300 million over the “principle” involved?

    I would rather be #Brian_Williams facing 6 than be his critics that pack of dogs. Now NBC must decide how much an adjective or two is worth.

    I would rather be #Brian_Williams facing 6 free to do stories & show them on any website (or did the Gods of NBC mean for it to be exclusive?)

    #Maureen_Dowd was willing to gossip anything without any facts or examples to back it up and wrap everything in a cloud of “glory” and “valor.”

    Counselor: So this must be very hard on you? ---They don’t give me the easy cases I get the ones where we rearend the teenagers. Mine are all at fault. 

    #Carr lied for #Summerlin “(he) is right)” when he said there was no difference between lying and “misremembering” even though he wrote a book on the subject.

    #Carr writes in the NYT that #Summerlin is “not out for blood.” Can you use other words to write that phrase? What does “for blood” mean? Out?

    #Summerlin didn’t want to correct the record he wanted to punish to have #Williams “preform” his apology & when is enough ask #Summerlin.

    “As a Vet!” Nothing logically follows from that sentence. As a Vet I favor war . . .  or As a Vet I oppose all wars.  Either statement is equally likely.

    Who is worst #Carr who wrote the book & says #Summerlin “is right” or #Summerlin who is too ignorant to know the difference between the two?

    Having ruined #Williams life, calling him a liar,& demanding he “preform a real apology” #Summerlin adds“I might even buy (him)a beer.”

    #Summerlin shows the absence of awareness of psychological subtlety that perhaps explains the high incidence of suicide among our GIs.

    It seem a waste of a tweet to make this point but a lie is the “intent to deceive” but Mr. #Summerlin makes no distinction & #Carr obliges.

    #Carr wrote in the #NYT: “Mr.#Summerlin is right.” He is the GI we must all bow down to and gravel to because he “served” and we “did not.”

    In NYT #David_Carr says he wrote a book on false memories yet claims today that they are the same as lies. Why two words if they are the same?

    Counselor: #Brian_Williams is a millionaire, Liberal, corporatist media personality & you are a populist conservative, what gives?  -- Just fair play that’s all.

    #Scott Walker said ‘Government is judged by how many people off of dependency not how many people it makes dependent.’ Such wisdom! Such insight! 

    Here we go again, uncritical build up teardown to follow. Scott Walker 75, Strawmen zero. He appears with Steve King (R-IA) & faces not one question. 

    Correction: Hatred’s Kingdom by Dore Gold is recommended for insight into Wahhabism, Islamic Conservatism from Saudi Arabia: Java to Paris.

    #Dowd: “steal the kind of glory that can only be earned the hard way.” And what is the “hard way” for a passenger to earn this “glory”- stupid bitch.

    #Dowd: “steal the kind of glory that can only be earned the hard way.”  Oh, the “glory” in being a passenger in a copter hit by shrapnel!

    Liberals in the Gulf Wars calling everyone “chicken hawks;” now I see with your “valor,” “heroic,” you do not know how to relate to war.

    (See prior stolen valor) Note #Dowd hand out the white feather to #Williams on “valor” as if being a passenger was “heroic” as CNN put it. 

    #Maureen_Dowd: “tall tale, ever more baroquely”-But only one change was made from being a passenger in one to another; tall?

    #Maureen_Dowd: “(His) determination to wrap himself in others’ valor is indefensible”?? Valor?, he was a passenger she is making this up.

    #Maureen_Dowd in her long column wrote of “pathology” yet produced not one example, she only charges, but his race, gender, noted. 

    #Maureen_Dowd “That Irish Bitch” per Mrs. Billy Clinton; promised more examples of “embellishments” by #Williams but delivered not one.

    Fox headline: No way to keep Taliban 5 from returning to fight. Oh? How about we send an assassination team and kill them all?

    If #Obama had really wanted someone to dismount from their “high horse” he might have appealed to Conservative Muslims to stop jihad.

    Conservative Muslims take the Qur’an as the literal word of God even when it calls for death of Jews & Christians:the Kingdom of Hate.    

    #Obama spoke of “high horse” by which I think he meant discriminatory, yet the Conservative Muslims are all of one united against us.

    #Obama is wrong at many levels but the correct response is ‘yes exactly we had a Reformation and now the Muslims must have one too.’

    Susan Rice is wrong, the Iranian issue is an existential threat: Israel is a 1 bomb state, but Washington & New York city are 1 bomb towns.

    ‘A lesser reporter would lose his job’ I have no doubt. What does this mean than that you are ass holes to lower ranking people. You Gods of NBC.

    The Greatest Generation? Greater than Valley Forge or Cold Harbor, only if one looses all perspective and gives way to the maudlin sentimentality.  

    There is nothing in #Brian_William’s story that “steals” valor.  #Tom_Brokaw might be envious but Williams was a passenger. Valor? War reporting.

    It’s not that one copter was hit & confused for another it’s “stolen valor” that eats away at #Tom_Brokaw, so aware is he of his lack of it.

    Just GIs? Yes not Warrior Gods, Philosopher Kings, definers of masculinity, except for #Tom_Brokaw whose very self-worth  depends on them.

    Hannity, Goldberg, O’Reilly, that Fox midget who used to pretend to be gay,  know the man by his enemies, #Brian_Williams has my respect. 

    Eye witness accounts are not all that they are thought to be but fresh ones are better than old ones where the memory has started to fade.

    Eye witness accounts are not all that they are thought to be but fresh ones are better than old ones where the memory has faded.

     #Brian_Williams first got the story right which is why we insurance adjusters put up with the nasty looks of nurses to get the statements.

    Brian Williams apologizing to the GIs because he confused which copter got hit by RPG shrapnel shows too much deference, they are GIs.

    I’m reminded of the Duke of Wellington’s displeasure with his troops cheering him, he thought it came too close to expressing an opinion.

    What did Rohrabacher do that Billy Clinton didn’t do? Did Billy Clinton let the genocide of Rwanda go, so he wouldn’t be called a chicken hawk? 

    ‘A force in being’ a term from Naval Strategy can be applied to land forces.  If the enemy presents itself for battle then shift to the offensive.   

    #Brian_Williams in a war zone, helicopter, forced down,with troops, another copter was hit, but had a false memory. It happens all the time.

    #Brian_Williams in a war zone, helicopter, forced down, protected by troops, another copter was hit, but had a false memory. It happens all the time.

    Buckley cautioned conservatives to select the rightmost ‘electable’ candidate who is #Jeb_Bush, not the buffoon, not the pig, not the fool.  

    The Honorable Dana Rohrabacher has it right, not radical, fanaticism, “uncritical devotion”, exactly Liberal Moslems can agree with this. 

    Now I get it, millionaire Washingtonians don’t want to cut costs of medicine, education, housing, etc., they like things just the way they are.

    So Chris Christie you want to “squeeze all the juice from the orange you can” hu?  Get all you can?  Fill your belly, and your pockets? Pig.

    Kelly & O’Reilly accept the values of the Left’s “big brother” because they are estranged from the intellectual origins of Conservatism.

    The Left uses terms like “big brother” conservatives defend the use of State power for reasonable ends like vaccinating children in schools.

    Kelly & O’Reilly are wrong“big brother” is not necessary the school nurse, local Health Dept., are needed and they are supported by conservatives.

    Of course MSNBC would blame the USA for all deaths that occurred during the presence of the “force in being’s” presence in Baghdad always USA.

    “A force in being” in Baghdad does not need to take offensive action its mere existence imposes itself on the enemy’s calculus, if city can be taken.

    As I said at the end of the 2ndGulf War I say now at the beginning of the 3rd Gulf War placing our forces in Bagdad as “a force in being” is enough.

    Rand Paul shows he is unqualified to practice the calculus of leadership when he says “I think most vaccines should be voluntary.” Fool!!

    Dr. Ben Carson said the ACA is “worse than slavery” or “worse than 9-11” – I’m done for.  This man is beyond satire. A buffoon, full grown.

    Senator Grassley R-Iowa (pop 3m) would only be a county supervisor in California e.g. Orange County (pop 3m) or San Diego County (pop 3.2m).

    Some bacon, some shrimp, some deli, remember Huckabee promised to leave the Party if we did not resist the  Supreme Court decision, go, go.

    Some bacon, some shrimp, remember Huckabee promised to leave the Party if we did not resist the  Supreme Court decision.

    Rand Paul does not think vaccinations should be mandatory for all, (but exceptional medical history), he denies HIV causes AIDS.

    Senator Grassley says taxing is “taking capital out of the economy” he is wrong, it is out in our National Debt, pay it off and put it back.

    Senator Grassley, calls taxing: “taking capital out of the economy” he is wrong, it is “out” in Treasury Bills,pay off the debt put it back.

    Senator Grassley, calls taxing to pay off the debt “taking capital out of the economy” he is wrong, it is already “out” in Treasury Bills paying off the debt puts it back.

    So Chris Christie ya think ya can get to the right of the immunization issue?  Whad da ya think take up the Tea Party Ron Paul side of free choice public be damned.

    As usual Fox misses the point. E-cigarettes must be disapproved of by adults & found to be “dangerous” in order to make it possible for young people to use them. 

    A muddleheaded newscaster asked if people became “more opinionated with age” thinking that his  empty head might possibly be filled by time, it won’t.

    During talks one might expect a  halt in construction yet the Iranians continue to build on known bases what are they doing on the uninspected bases?

    The President has been given 6 years and he has run out of trust on the Iran issue. He has not even been able to negotiate access to all nuclear basses.

    “You got to trust the President”-Nicholas Burns  You got to? Is this an order? Our whole point is that after 6 years the President has shown himself to be untrustworthy.

    Snow day? In California we don’t have snow days. We go to work. If there are no riots, we go to work. After the SWAT Teams have cleared the snipers we go to work.

    There are nuclear bases in #Iran that are not allowed to be inspected & #Obama stupidly accepts this.  Now he wonders why Congress wants to bolsters his position.

    What more can #Obama do? For 6 years he has dragged out “negotiations” literally allowing the #Iranians to go unchecked in nuclear program.

    “There will be consequences”- the White House! What? You are going to call him “chicken shit” “a coward” play a game with Iran?

    So Chris Christie what da ya think?  Would it be a good idear to put sprinklers in apartment building?  Hu?  Ya think may be couldn’t hurt?

    Counselor: What, did I say something wrong?  ---They will agree or they will no longer practice medicine in the USA by act of Congress.

    Counselor: Why do you keep say the “agreed price” why would a medical provider agree to a lower price just because some other provider did?

    Liberal Muslims, whose web sites can be seen at NewRuskinCollege Lecture Hall, are, at the risk of death trying to apply a new interpretation.

    Some say why don’t most Muslims become Jihadists? Because most live lives of “submission” the war takes place on the edge of Islam’s lands.

    #Lou_Dobbs, a Harvard man, talks of radical Islam completely missing the point that it is not, it is Islam, the conservative interpretation, he is an idiot.

    Focusing on “radicals” misdirects attention as if a few were “extreme” they are not, the Koran calls for killing Jews & Christians & war #Fox is misleading.

    The terrorists you see on TV are not “radicals” they are  foot soldiers as #Robert_Baer described them, they are dust, used by conservative Islam per Koran.

    Liberal Moslems need help to stand up not just to Imams but to the Karan as interpreted by mainstream conservative #Islam, which uses the threat of death.  

    This is the whole point which seems lost on the #FOX talking heads like #Dobbs the problem is with Islam itself, its conservative interpretation of Karan.

    Jihadists are not “tending to make extreme changes in existing views, or institutions” they are 100% committed to the Karan & Islam, they are followers. 

    Lou Dobbs insists on calling the jihadists “radicals” as if they were  extremely deviating from the conservative interpretation of Islam, they are not.

    As we cut $1trillion in spending from medical care there will be screaming & Congress will have to be brave, obviously there will be unhappiness.

    You may say that’s damn SOCIALISM. It’s not the state ownership of the means of production, but we are not kidding, we are driving prices down.  

    If one insurance company had one agreed lowest price, all other prices would fall to that lowest price in that zip code by agreement.

    In deed the procedures & prices exist in English as noted USA insurance companies already administer prices, taking the lowest priced would do.

    Cutting out 6%GDP medical costs might seem too big, but the price books exist in Germany already, the procedures & costs already are listed we just apply them. 

    Balance the budget & pay down the debt, no more directing the economy with tax cuts and spending, let the Market decide the economy.

    Those Washingtonians Left and Right are such wise guys, they all think they know better than the market --- just balance the budget.

    Of the skills lost was the discipline of the sniper, or “sharp shooter” who shepherded the troops with the new rifled muskets, during Civil War.  

    After WWI we lost all the knowledge that we would have to relearn for WWII because we disbanded the Army, Moore of course is a fool, an ass, …..

    “Black Lives Matter” shows the shallow & dissipated arrogance now demonstrated by the role of LBJ in Selma; that cannot admit Whites matter.  

    In San Francisco the demonstrators regularly close Market Street where all the bus lines terminate but do nothing about on ramps used by rich.

    The Bay Area demonstrators blocked the traffic on the bridge with a Palestinian flag, then allowed the West bound lanes, i.e. the rich, to go home. 

    6% USA GDP is $1t a year or 18 years plus interest to pay off the National Debt.  As it goes down the businesses on the margin for loans get them.

    Germany spends 11%GDP on Medical Care the USA 17% this gives Germany 6%GDP to spend on education or R&D an economic boost.

    With the debt it works the same way, we save the people 6%GDP in medical spending & and we raise a VAT tax of  same amount they off set. . . .

    Counselor: We aren’t taxing the rich? –Exactly, unless we impose wage and price controls the rich simply pass on taxes, this is what it means to be rich.

    Money is fungible so a tax “on” the “rich” acts like a VAT tax collected by the “rich” from their customers of their goods or services. Germany’s 11% GDP. .  . 

    Counselor: I don’t see how reducing the amount paid on medical care could result in a lower national debt? Suppose we spend what Germany spends?